LL's reveal

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  1. congrats, gorgeous pieces!!

    i was thinking of the getting the flats too, but i behaved when i thought about my cc bills :p
  2. Beautiful!!!! Congrats.

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  3. Classy bag! Approved by everyone!!!
  4. Thank you soooo much everyone! You girls are the best!
  5. Gorgeous!!
  6. ^lovely headband! I bet it looks fantastic on you.

    ^wow...they're majorly cool shoes!

    ^very pretty, & I love the hematite crystals!

    ^fun bag for the summer!

    ^yummy color!

    ^AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! that bag is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :faint: :love: :cloud9: :drool: :ps:

    I love everything about it...the color, the shape, the closure, the braid, & most especially the lace :heart:
  7. Yay F&F is back. :happydance:
  8. hehe :hugs:
  9. :love: I'm sorry I missed this one.

    Congratualtions on all the gorgeous new additions to your collection. What a haul!

    They need to send you a complimentary rockstud tiara and crown you "Queen of Valentino." :biggrin:
  10. Loving the Dome. Simply superb.
  11. :lol: actually I've been usurped by Mithril :biggrin:
  12. Oh, I haven't been around lately, so I'll have to look at her threads--lol--maybe you can both share the title, then.
  13. Lovely, Congrats