lloyd the miniature pinscher <3

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  1. my younger brother came up with the name; its such a funny dog name. lloyd just recently turned 3 years old :smile:
  2. no pics?? :sad:
  3. there he is! i was having trouble uploading the picture earlier.
  4. AWwwwwwww soooo lovely :nuts: Cute dog!!!
  5. What a gorgeous little baby!!!
  6. He's so cute!!
  7. Adorable! I love Min Pins! Llyod is such a cute name!

    I just wish people wouldn't get their ears cropped and their tails docked :sad:

    Hopefully the US will ban these practices soon
  8. Awww!! Very serious name!!
  9. ^OMG your dogs are so cute too!!
  10. ^^^Thanks!!!
  11. Very cute puppy!!
  12. So cute and love the collar!
  13. I love Lloyd, cropped ears and all. There's a Min Pin Mommies thread with lots more pictures you should check out!
  14. OMG so cute and I love the name it reminds me of the movie dumb and dumber.
  15. Too cute, he looks like a little sweetie!