LLo Spending Update...

  1. In the magazine "The Week" I just read LLo spent over $1,000,000 last years on clothes, bags, shoes etc. It said she was shocked when she realized how much she spent and how much she never even wore the things she purchased. (tags still hanging)

    Rachel Zoe (her stylist) also made a few comments about how she will never wear alot of the stuff. She is supposedly seeking help because she is afraid she is a shopping addict and if she keeps the pace up she will have no money as she ages. She spent over $100,000 in one shopping spree.

    Truth or not, that is what I read.
  2. Wow! And I thought I had a problem! :P
  3. ???
    o thought it too...
    those sums are just...ridiculous!
  4. oh my gosh! Well on the plus side, at least she's not in debt (yet) by spending!
  5. they all have the same problem
  6. I will never feel guilty again about any spending spree!!! tee hee!
  7. Wow, that's a lot of money.
  8. It is really alot when you think some days she is working or too tired to shop from all her partying! That is $100K a month. Plus, you know she gets a ton of free goods.
  9. I read about that, too. So sad.
  10. $1,000,000 :amazed: that's a house!!!
  11. That dollar amount makes me dizzy...
  12. i was watching either vh1 or e! and they were talking about linsday's spending habit and her publicist or whatever said that it was outrageous and that the rumors were false.
  13. They may spend a lot of money but rest assured they pay a lot of taxes too.
  14. 1 million bucks could have saved tons on people in 3rd world nations from starvation. jeez. and spending it all on superficial stuff? she doesnt even wear half of it. what a complete waste and irresponsible use of money. i can understand the occasional splurge but 100,000 at once?

    i hope she becomes bankrupt in the near future, i really do.
  15. I agree with you kandy. The first thing that came to my mind was that the money could have gone to the 3rd world nations! Or just do anything charitable! Geez... she has a problem!