LIZZIE Grubman is promoting a new SUV — no kidding!

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  1. September 27, 2005 -- LIZZIE Grubman is promoting a new SUV — no kidding. The p.r. princess, who mowed down 16 people with a Mercedes SUV in 2001, is helping launch the Range Rover Sport this week. Her company has invited "influentials" to Hamilton Horse Farms in New Jersey starting tomorrow to test-drive the vehicles on and off road — and even in reverse. The invite promises "drinks and food in their hospitality tent" — nonalcoholic, we are sure. "It's beautiful out there and we would love you to come and be a part of this." Said one shocked recipient, "It's almost as if O.J. Simpson was doing ads for knives." But Lizzie says she won't be there: "My company was hired by Range Rover. I don't have anything to do with the account."


    When will this women go away already? She's such a butterface - and if anyone saw the pictures of her ladyparts when Hulk Hogan picked her up at a event she decided not to wear panties to, I hope the image has faded from your mind.
  2. Megs. . . I can't believe you posted the link to that picture.

    And I can't believe that I, who knew what the picture was, clicked on it and saw her kootch again.

    .. . . I never learn