Lizzard Paddy on Sale!

  1. If anyone is interested ..... Brown Lizzard Paddy on Sale at Nordstrom - The Grove -- ask for Charles 323-900-1250 -- 40% off, grab it for aroud 4 thousand something??? also, they had a few bettys, a molly tote, and some silver metallic paddy bags. Call Charles he's great!
  2. ooo what colour bettys did they have? any silverados on sale?
  3. They had betty is light grey, brown and I think a vanilla. Silverados, no I don't remember seeing any. Call them in the morning to see what they have left.
  4. They also had grey gladys.
  5. I'm storming them this morning! Thanks for the info. Don't think I'll be getting the lizard :smile:
  6. Hi Girls!
    Just got back from the Grove ........ brown lizzard AND Silver metallic lizard Paddy still there ........... was $7,000 something ..... now $4,000 something! Also saw one regular bright Silver paddy left on sale.