Lizard Paddington or Hermes Birkin?

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  1. Well, I led my husband in the direction of the chocolate lizard paddington and I wonder if it was the right one...Lieu's new thread informed me of the comparable price tag between the two bags and I would love to know.....would you ladies prefer the timeless Birkin? or would you opt for the chocolate lizard paddington?- it is now quoted to be the fastest selling bag in history. I don't think the designers are comparable, but which would you wear more?
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  3. OMG, the BIRKIN! I would choose the Birkin over any other bag in the world, hands down. It is a timeless, chic bag that you can wear with suits or jeans - it is just a wonderful investment. I have been yearning for one for years but cannot get on the dumb list.

    Seriously, the Paddington is nice and all, but it cannot hold a candle to the Birkin! I would get a leather Paddy and the Birkin.
  4. Unless you are already in line for the Birkin you would have a while before you got one. So why not get the paddington now, which is super nice on person if you have not seen it(my mother has it, she got it at Nordstrom in CA incase you need to know) and then get a Birkin later. Ofcourse a Birkin is the classic choice, but both bags are rare and unique in themselves. It is all about your personal style.
  5. I was afraid of that!!!! Thanks so much for your opinion!
  6. yup i think it depends on your style or (age). hehe. i think birkin's are for older women, like 40-50+ us young-uns would look much more chic carrying a paddington!
  7. If they were both right in front of you to choose from, I say Birkin. But, with apologies to Lieu, I wouldn't want the JPG shoulder Birkin. I'd only spend that $ on the original classic tote. But, as it was said, you ain't gonna walk into Hermes and walk out with a Birkin! I say you tell your husband you want two things....

    1) You want a lizard Paddington
    2) You want him to make the fuss necessary to get you on the Birkin list. He'll be so impressed with the effort that you KNOW he'll buy the bag when it becomes available to you!
  8. Can you please tell me more about the bag as now I have no choice in the matter anymore and would never tell him this and seem like a piggy.... Anotherday another time, a birkin ..... I still want to know everyones opinion!!!!!!:P
  9. i dont know what else to say about the bag, except that it is beautiful. I wish my mother was still in town and I could take detailed pics for you. (She was just visiting here last week!) The skin feels a little rough to the touch on the outside, but not like in a bad way. The color is really nice. It is a great bag. Obviously you want it so go for it. I feel the paddington has become what the Balenciaga bags are- they are "new " classics. I agree with above post, it depends on your age, if the bag suits you and your style. I think the paddington looks good on everyone. My mom is 45 and it looks amazing on her, I have an ivory one coming from ny in a few weeks and I am 22, the bag will be great for anyone. The Birkin is a classic and will always be around. This paddington may never be made in this lizard again. It is up to you, but with either bag you can not go wrong.
  10. I'd say the birkin definitely if you can get your hands on it now :biggrin:
  11. Madeline, thank-you for all of your advice. I am a stay at home mom, go out for dinner alot, so I think the paddington is more me right now. I am 34, one day I will hopefully have one.:love:
  12. You would wear the Birkin more now? I somehow thought you would go for the paddy? Tell me why if you can.:P
  13. You will eventually get one- we all will. Think of it like this- if you get the Birkin what else is there to look forward to, sure there are other bags but the Birkin is THE BAG. And you are still so young, you have time to get it. My mom always tells me if I get the best now that will be it, no more bigger things out there to crave. The paddington is for sure a luxury but there is still something bigger to set your sights on next. (did that make since.)glad i could help STAR!
  14. That is a really smart way of looking at it.:idea: Profoundly smart!-thank-you.