Lizard Lovers - Let's Talk!

  1. I don't know what it is (maybe the gorgeous Lizard piece posted in the eBay Finds section), but lately I have been thinking lizard, lizard, and more lizard. ESPECIALLY in some amazing colors. Something in a small piece but vibrant color might do me just fine!

    So, what pieces do you own/love/covet? And, do you find your lizard pieces wear well? In your opinion, is lizard versatile?

    Any and all photos will greatly be appreciated! (Exotic eye candy is ALWAYS fun!):drool:
  2. Lizard Rouge Exotique Mini Jigue
  3. AL, i think we're soul sisters with identical taste in leather -- i love lizard, and my dream bag would be a 20cm mini-kelly in petrol bleu lizard. :heart: but if i were to have a $6k windfall in the next couple days i just might have to go for the fuchsia jpg kelly on eebay!

    at the moment i have a vintage navy (inky, really) lizard hermes piece that i do adore:

  4. This is a breathtaking Jige! Oh my! The color!!!!:drool:
  5. C'mon windfall! It's an amazing piece, isn't it???

    I love this! Is it just me or do vintage navy pieces just look amazingly classic. I don't know if navy has changed over the years but vintage navy just seems richer, KWIM? This is beautiful! How do you keep it looking so gorgeous?
  6. DQ....i :heart: your lizard
  7. DQ & Bag,
    I love your lizards.
    I love lizard skin. I have a Jimmy Choo in lizard. If Hermes made bigger bags in this skin I would def have one.
    Great thread authentic
  8. FleurDelis...the lizard is not mine yet, Im still thinking If I should get it or not:sweatdrop:
  9. one more lizard comin up!

    Kelly 25 Ficelle wt RH
  10. i'm soo in love with ficelle!

    here's my 25 birkin vermillion lizard dressed up with a twilly :

  11. :drool::drool::drool:
  12. Dear God, this is AMAZING!:heart: Can anyone beat Hermes reds?????
  13. Here are drool worthy lizard beauties :love::heart::drool:

    Gina_b's JPG Kelly


    And Star3777's 25cm Birkin

  14. My first and only lizard, but I love her! She is a really nice POP of color against my evening darks!
    Some old pics! SIGH!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. Stunning! :nuts: