Lizard! How does it wear?

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  1. I'm drooling over the many recent photo posts of lizard bags. I assume they are more delicate. How does this skin hold up? I'm particularly interested in knowing about the regular Kelly in a 25 or 28 and the Kelly Pochette. The pochette, when used as a clutch, requires a lot of handling. Would this wear or discolor the skins?

  2. Trocadero, I don't have any firsthand knowledge, but I've been warned that Lizard can "rust" if not carefully maintained. That being said, I have seen some vintage lizard pieces that are just perfect.
  3. Good post, Trocadero - I am also interested in the answer to this!
  4. What is "rust"? Does that mean the scales start to flake? Or turn rust colored? I can't visualize rusting lizard skin.:thinking:
  5. I'm curious also to hear how the Hermes lizards in particular wear. I know my grandmother has a several-decades old lizard purse (non-H) that she carelessly tosses into her cabinet when not in use, and carries for dressy occasions. It shows some wear, but not in a bad way. Looks very elegant/classy.
  6. i've had two very vintage hermes lizard pieces and both were in practically new condition even though decades old -- one was a sac cordeliere from the 60's and the other a vintage kelly so old it doesn't have the zipper in the back pocket.

    of course they are not bags for every day, but i definitely used them - and have even been stuck in the rain with one. not a single problem with either, and i would never think twice about acquiring another lizard hermes bag.


  7. Oh DQ, I COVET that second bag!!! SO classic and gorgeous!

    I have a black lizard clutch (non-Hermes from from Saks - was excellent quality) that is over 40 years old. It looks as good today as it did then, and it has NOT been babied (not abused, either). It has lived on my closet shelf, uncovered, until recently when I put it in an old Vuitton bag. It is hand-held - no handle at all. I'm sure Hermes skins are even better quality and would wear as well or better than this one.
  8. I use my blue lizard KP for special occasions, and I'm really happy with it. No flakes here and I'm not worried at all. The skin is such a good quality that I really wouldn't be too concerned about using it.
  9. I asked Claude about my grey lizard KP and he said to bring it in for spa treatment every couple of years. But more important is to keep it out of sunlight and artificial light, always in its box when not in use. He showed me a piece of ostrich material in a greyish color (don't remember name) that had faded around the edge of the roll to a yellowish tint.
    I find lizard to be very durable looking. It doesn't seem that fragile to me.
    I prefer to handle my KP by the handle so I don't have a clutch issue.
  10. oh, good point, tamarind -- now that you mention it, i remember seeing a blue lizard kelly in a consignment shop and the color on the outside was definitely faded from the bright blue on the inside. it was a uniform fade, so you could only tell when the bag was opened and saw the contrast to the inside color.

    i also saw an orange ostrich kelly that had been faded, and the color under the straps was much brighter than the rest of the bag.
  11. There is an ostrich key case on display at the Wall St. store that has been exposed to the lighting inside the case for so long, it's faded beyond belief.
  12. Love the quiet elegance of Lizard, there's something regal about it. Definitely not as loud as Croc or Ostrich. And the shine just brings out the colour - even on black! It's become my number 1 exotic skin.
  13. Go for it Ms Piggy! I love lizard too. It's beautiful both in bright colors and in neutral. It's the only exotic I have now except for an ostrich Bearn.
    It's funny because I really don't like house lizards. I am not scared of them, just don't like them. When I was a kid I once closed the door on a lizard (accidentally of course!) and its tail got cut off. My babysitter told me not to worry, its tail would grow back. To this day I don't know if she lied to make me feel better. I think of this story whenever i use my lizard KP!
  14. Here is one of the most beautiful bags I ever owned :

    Kelly 28 Sellier Lizard Muscade with Gold HDW.

    My love for Lizard started here.

    In my experience Lizard should be stored in a cool place always inside its dustbag. Otherwise it could slighly dry with time. Also recommeded is to protect it from direct artificial light that will fade away the color....

  15. Before I purchased my ombre lizard KP I had the same worries. My SA said that the Hermes-quality lizard is very durable. Like any other leather, lizard should not be left in the sun as Tamarind, DQ and Perlerare said.