Lizard ... help name these colours please

  1. This is a photo posted by pazt from mika's blog.

    It'll be lovely to be posted in the H reference section with all their official name of colours.

    Can someone please help to name the colours?

  2. based on mika's blog - orange, violet, rouge moyen(sp?), black, blanc esse(?) -- btw not sure if these are the "official" names so any input here would be helpful.
  3. ^^ Thank you, tokyogirl!

    Once we get all the official names for these, I will transfer them to the Hermes reference section, and ask the help of jag or KB to have this thread removed.
  4. ^ the colours named look correct to me.
  5. So it's

    - orange
    - violet
    - rouge moyen
    - black or noir
    - blanc esse

    Spelling all as is, K?
  6. Sparkles- let me know when you get all the names, and if you need help posting into the various color threads!!! I am happy to help!
  7. Okie-do, J! :heart:
  8. bump.
  9. Ladies, if there are no objections/corrections, I'll use these names when posting photos in the reference section?

  10. MrsS -
    I believe it is blanc casse. This is the color I am currently eyeing. Will PM you if the spelling is incorrect. Will confirm with my SA.

    Thanks for putting this together.
  11. OK, all about bags. Thanks!

    With jag's help, this photo will be plastered all over the colours (exotic thread included) thread. Any objections, let it be heard now. :greengrin: