Lizard durability for a wallet?

  1. I am considering getting a Bearn wallet in this skin but am concerned about how it would hold up over time. I've reviewed older posts and there doesn't seem to be any consensus on this. It's a sizeable investment and I'd hate for the skin to start deteriorating quickly (or at all, actually!)

    Any help/opinions would be welcome! Also, any tips on maintenance you might have had from Hermes staff would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I just bought a natural lizard bearn wallet and my SA said that the lizard is almost as durable as the Ostrich. There should be no worries. the lizard is stunning!
  3. Thank you, chanelchic2002! And of course, that is EXACTLY the wallet I have my eye on! It is amazing - lucky you!
  4. I have a couple of lizard agendas. One I've had for at least 3 years. It is holding up well...
  5. I have a lizard wallet and I love it.

    Gorgeous wallet Chanelchic2002.

  6. Gorgeous wallet, Chanelchic.

    Would this be your only wallet Mistikat or one of several??
  7. I also ummed & ahhed before getting my lizard bearn after researching it on here. But the SAs seemed pretty confident - and I loved it - so took the risk. Haven't had it long enough to help you make a decision though, sorry.
  8. Thanks, everyone. Part of my hesitation stems from the fact that I have a python Bottega Veneta wallet and after just a couple of weeks use, I've noticed that some of the scales where the wallet folds are looking a little bit lifted. And a wallet is the kind of thing it's hard to be really careful with since you open and close it a lot and it does get a bit knocked around in your bag (though I could put it in a zipped compartment, either my Birkin or other bags). It's a considerable investment too and I am debating if I should go for a Bearn or Dogon in a non-exotic instead. I keep hearing my mother's voice telling me to be practical! :confused1:
  9. ^OK, if that were me I'd take that wallet straight back to BV. It should be fit for its purpose so if snake skin doesn't hold up as a wallet for even a couple of weeks it never should have been sold! I wouldn't let this deter me, mistikat but maybe ask your Hermes SA. They would know if lizard items come back with complaints.
  10. xquisite, I bought the wallet in Rome. And the scale that seems to be lifting is right on the curve at the bottom of the wallet, so it's hard to blame the skin. Still, it's made me leery of spending a lot of money on something that might be too fragile for what I'd use it for. But you're right - I will ask the SA if they think it's the right choice. (I have to stop looking at the pictures of that wallet though - I think they're mesmerizing me!)
  11. I too considered a lizard bearn - Brighten Bleu. It was amazing. DH talked me out of it citing how hard I am on wallets... I used to put them in the back of my jeans waiter style if I didn't have a shoulder or hand for a bag, they end up being clutches a lot, etc. I went with a BJ epsom and after 7 months, it looks brand new and people ask me all the time when I got my new wallet! I don't regret the choice.

    Although the Natural steals my heart, wow :smile:
  12. I have a lizard wallet (not Hermes) that I've used for 20 years and it's wonderful. VERY durable.
  13. Thanks, Angelfish and Nuttynut. I am waiting to get paid for something and once I have the money in hand (hopefully within the next couple of days), I will go to the store and check out the differences between the wallets. They didn't have a good colour selection last week for either the Bearns or the Dogons, so if I do decide on a non-exotic, it will have to wait until they get in some fresh stock. Part of me thinks I should go with the lizard because it's the one that's really tugging at me and if I get something else, it will always feel like the one that got away. But .... I'll play and see, I think. And hope they got in some shipments with fresh merchandise!
  14. I'm reviving this old thread since I'm considering a wallet in lizard. Would love to hear more opinions from users of Hermes lizard wallets. How are your wallets holding up? Does anyone know if both the Azap and Kelly wallet come in lizard?
  15. My lizard wallet is holding up great, but it does lose its shine due to handling, which cannot be revived via spa. Have not seen the Azap recently in lizard, only ostrich and gator, however the small zippered agendas in lizard make for great wallets.