Lizard Cabat !

  1. Came across a picture of the iconic Cabat in silver and gold lizard skin! Thought you Cabat lovers would enjoy (the colour is much richer in the mag, I should scan this instead). The kitty is mighty cute too. ;)

    Source : Style Singapore Sept 2007 issue
    Cabat Lizard.jpg
  2. And for a "glimpse" of how a Cabat is made, according to the article :

    To make the medium Cabat, 77 lizard strips 130cm long are needed. To make each of these double-faced strips, the hides are first cut and then fused together, sandwiching a suede strip inside. The laborious handicraft results in the pure luxury of the Cabat whose interior is just as beautifully crafted as the exterior.

    The entire "basket" of the Cabat is woven by one craftsman standing up, on stands supporting the forms of the Cabat. The entire process starts from the weaving of three traiangles. And according to the writer, beyond the painstaking handiwork, it is the meditative air in which the artisan worked that made a real impression. The products themselves are all simple but extraordinary. The rigorously functional is ennobled by outstanding craftsmanship, innovative design and the quality materials.
  3. During the writer's visit at the Vincenza atelier, where the sample and prototype bags are made, he found a zen air of concentration and meditation. The artisans, dressed in uniform of Bottega-brown robes, look like devotees of some exceptionally compelling cult. They spell out the spare, minimalist mood of the Bottega Veneta aesthetic : classic, yet effortlessly, wisely, elegant.
  4. Over the decades, BV has remained intensely proud of its remarkable artisans, and continues to protect them and has even set up a school to ensure that teh special skills and traditional leather craft does not die out.

    Thanks to these artisans, BV is able to design and produce leather goods of superlative quality and extraordinary intricacy. Through them, BV is intimately tied to the rich and storied heritage of the Veneto region of Italy.

    The centuries-old tradition of artisanal leather work in Italy, particularly Veneto, is quickly disappearing. Long apprenticeships and decreasing professional opportunities have led to a growing scarcity of these prized artisans. In response, many luxury goods companies are shifting their production abroad.

    BV, however, has decided that moving shop is not an option. The technical sophistication of the the house's designs requires a level of craftsmanship not available anywhere else in the world. On a deeper level, BV's history and identity are closed entwined with the culture of Veneto.
  5. In a civic act of giving back to the community, BV decided to start a school. This October will see the first class matriculate at La Scuola Della Pelletteria Bottega Veneta. This back-to-school venture will be operated in conjuction with the prestigious Scuola d'Arte e Mestieri di Vicenza, founded in 1858 with roots reaching back to the mid-16th century.

    The eduction will be free for all students, fully funded by BV. And is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 25, with preference going to students from school in the Veneto region. The three-year course will include instruction in leather goods techniuqes of increasing complexity, along with more traditional studies in English, computer skills and the fashion history. Technical classes will be taught by the most skilled artisans at BV.
  6. Thank you so much ms piggy, for sharing such a wonderful article. What a lovely way to start a weekend!!:flowers:

    The phrase "he found a zen air of concentration and meditation" particularly resonates in me. When someone masters any form of technique, it becomes art and creats this pierce but beautifully calm atomosphere. My culture calls it "way" as in the way of tea, martial arts, flower arrangement, sword making, ect, and I have witnessed the phenomena quite a few times. I certainly see it happening at the BV atelier and it makes me appreciate their products even more.

    I actually have Tomas Maier's interview article at one of zen temples in Kyoto. Maybe I should post it here.

    I have heard about BV opening the school but did not know it was fully funded by them. Fantastic!! Great artists (or to-be) often have financial challenges. Cheers to BV!!
  7. You're most welcome Mid :smile: I certainly appreciate your culture and love visiting your home country. I'm in awe of the many "way".

    Please share the TM interview in Kyoto. DH and I love the many temples and gardens there and around the country. A great weekend to you too. :heart:
  8. Ms piggy, thanks for posting this article. It makes me appreciate my BVs even more.
  9. my only comment is :love::love::love:
  10. The making of a Cabat, in this case, the Lizard Cabat.

  11. ms piggy-thanks for sharing the article with all of us.

    it's certainly wonderful to see the inside scoop of making the cabat. moreover, we all learn more about BV and understand why BV is such a prestigious brand overall. not only we admire the craftsmanship of each bag/accessory it produces, but also the dedication of BV in educating others to ensure the quality of each piece!

    wonderful article! :tup:
  12. Wow this gives me further appreciation for BV :heart: Thanks for sharing!
  13. thanks for sharing the BV story ms piggy - lovin' BV more and more because of it...:heart::love::heart:
  14. Thanks ms piggy for such an informative article. It makes me feel that my cabat is worth every cent! I'm new to the world of Bottega and really have a lot to learn from all of you. I'm going to show the article to my DH to help explain my newfound addiction!

    I love the pic with the kitty!! I thought I'd coax mine to sit inside my cabat and take a pic as well - the loves of my life (oh well, DH can't fit into one - haha)
  15. interesting article and beautiful bag!!!