Lizard Birkin vs. Croc. Kelly

  1. Hi, everyone! I always have dilema:P !

    To make a long story short, I put my name down unexpectly for lizard birkin 25cm recently at Hermes in my country. Ususally, I am not a big lizard fan and it's pricy for that little Birkin. So, I was going to take my name off, but my mom suggested that why don't I just add a lizard collection since I don't have any lizard Birkin yet. So, my name is still on it. BUT they are also receiving croc Kelly 32cm in brown color!!!!!!!!! Lizard Birkin will be also in brown! I am crazy about croc. Birkin, but I am not sure on Kelly!

    I mean Kelly is beautiful bag, but I have such a difficult time to use it! I can't deal with closing and opening each time! So, I don't want to buy any more Kelly! BUT it's in croc.!!!!!

    I have to be very sure with my decision since it will be coming from oversea. Which one would you get if you were me? I never thought about getting lizard Birkin before, but it's temting now with my unexpected chance and my enabling mom:rolleyes: ! PLEASE HELP! Thanks!
  2. Sounds like what you really want is a croc birkin??? If so, wait!

    (Although I do like the lizard birkin...darn that Star for her gorgeous pics...I would need to try it on for size before purchasing...darn that Star for her gorgeous figure...)
  3. I, personally, would go for a croc Kelly ... and I do wear my Kellys.

    For you, like SoCal said, it seems like you want a croc Birkin more than lizard ... so wait.
  4. Crocodile Kelly :smile: You wont regret ur decision.. they're just gorgeous!!
  5. Aspenmartial, I'm a Birkin gal myself, but I have to say that I'd go for the Croc Kelly over the lizard Birkin for sure--Croc in brown is just so beautiful.
  6. Out of the two choices...hands down the croc Kelly. Skip the lizard big time!!!
  7. Croc Kelly!!!!!!!! CROC KELLY!!!!!!
  8. .......well, unless its a 25cm matte Black Lizard Birkin with Ruthenium hardware! Now THAT'S drool-worthy................
  9. Why I can't just meet my dream bags? I always get into bags that are hard to find, but something is not right kind:hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric: ! I am kind of upset at this point:sad: WHY WHY WHY CAN'T THEY BE JUST PERFECT FOR ME! SOMETHING ALWAYS MISSING!!!!!:crybaby: :mad: :cry:
  10. croc kelly, Aspen......croc kelly is perfect in every way...........:yes:
  11. Croc Kelly!!!
  12. croc kelly!!
  13. Wait for croc birkin...oops, I already "voted"...
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. I would go for the croc kelly. But you have several crocs already. How about both? Is that an option?