Lizard Bearns/smaller items

  1. Hello Everyone,I have been wondering how lizard holds up .Especially with the wallets,Does it stay shiny? How does it wear? Thanks for any input:heart: Toonie
  2. I have a lizard GM agenda which is almost 1 year old! It's holding up pretty well considering it has had a lot of action inside my bag. At first, I was worried that the scales might fall off and I was always looking at them and checking if everything is alright. Now, I don't mind anymore since it's perfectly fine.
  3. Thank you La Van I have been thinking of getting a wallet in lizard.I love the shine that it has.
  4. The shine stays so no worries about that!

    What color are you thinking of? My agenda is orange!
  5. Thanks LaVan I am thinking black with silver hw
  6. I have a lizard coin purde from 1982. It is perfect! Good Luck, Toonie - lizard is divine!
  7. Tonnie, my wallet is black with silver hardware. it's beautiful. you should get it.:p
  8. Thank you,GF and Nunamwan,:flowers: How are the scales?I assume they are alot like snake skin.Do they lay totally flat?or fluff up if rubbed the wrong way:shrugs:
  9. toonie, the ones I saw at the store feel and look pretty flat to me. My SAs all said that Hermes lizards shouldn't any flaking problems.

    what I want to know is if they would make lizard Bearn with ruthenium hardware.
  10. Thanks Kou, That has been a main concern of mine,You have eased my fears greatly.I receintly was in a elevator with a lady who was carrying a black, small lizard plume elan. It was so gorgeous.She really made me notice the lizard skins from Hermes:love:
  11. I think I'm going to see if my SA can hunt down a lizard Bearn or something for me ... that little reptile is really growing on me. My local store has a fuchsia lizard agenda, it's so cute! Too bad I have no use for agendas ...

    I've seen a fuchsia lizard mini Plume Elan when I was in Singapore, it was so cute! The black lizard one must've looked very chic and elegant!
  12. It was so elegant,I think a mini plume elan is going to be my next bag to get,in lizard.:drool:
  13. flat. i don't think it should be a problem.. I'll tell you what a problem is...they don't sell lizard in Australia!!!!!

  14. :sad: No lizard? What a bummer.Here in California you can't get certain snake skins.
  15. Yeah, it's because of some regulations with Dept of Fish & Wildlife. I thought it's kind of silly in that while you can't get certain snake skins in California, it's perfectly ok for you to go out of state to get the said snakeskin and then carry it back to California. I mean, what's the point then, right?