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  1. I started my collection about a year and a half ago when a friend got a Dooney & Burke purse and I'm not going to lie.. my purse collection was originally started out of pure competitiveness.. :rolleyes:.. BUUUUUTTT.. it has grown into a real appreciation and love of designer handbags LOL!!

    So here's my current collection. Give me a break. I'm still a teenager LOL!!!!
  2. no photo?
  3. Ooops!!! FORGOT LOL!!! Here they are!!!!!!!!!!

    The bag that started it all.. even though honestly I really really don't like this bag LOL...... it's pretty much useless to me!!!


    I got this Coach bag during my "pink" phase LMAO.. it doesn't get much use either lol.

    I love this bag.. it goes with EVERYTHING.

    This bag is HUGE and I LOVE it! I basically just asked the SA to show me the largest bag in the store LMAO!

  4. Nice!
  5. I really like this one!! :tup:
  6. Very nice! I love the last coach you have posted!
  7. Cute!! Great way to start a collection. Congrats!
  8. Great collection!! I love everything!!
  9. Love the large ergo.
  10. so your collection started out of competitivness? that's all good, a strong point that you're able to admit that. well, i'm sure it was all fun but now it has turned into a serious hobby. the last 2 coach bags you posted DO match with everything, isn't that great? i love it when my bags are versital
  11. Gorgeous collection.
    Thanks for sharing
  12. Cute Colletion! Love the pink signature!
  13. your ergo is beautiful and i love your dooney it bag!
  14. love the ergo and I have a pink bag like that too!
  15. Thanks!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ergo.. I can practically fit my whole life in it LOL!!!!