Liz Taylor/Kathy Ireland Go bust

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    ELIZABETH TAYLOR and Kathy Ireland walked away from House of Taylor Jewelry, their ailing jewelry company, last week, forcing the debt-ridden outfit to close up shop.

    The two, who owned a combined 49.5 percent of the West Hollywood, Calif.-based concern, had received generous licensing fees, stock and stock options and helped design jewelry sold through upscale retail stores - although it never caught on with shoppers.

    Last month, The Post reported about the company's troubles, that Nasdaq had delisted the ailing company and that executives were trying to revive the brands.

    Their efforts didn't work. New Stream Secured Capital, of Ridgefield, Conn., is owed more than $11 million and it is not known if it will sue the two celebrity owners to get some of it back.
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  3. That's to bad. I have a cross necklace from House of Taylor. The quality of the diamonds are fantastic.
  4. HI! newbie here. Wow, I would love to see that necklace. She's got some beautiful stuff herself...Elizabeth that is.
  5. Interesting.

    I was approached in March by the California group they had hired to "revive" the brand. They were interested in me helping with marketing or design. I wasn't interested in relocating or halting my business so I never followed up.
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