Liz Hurley leaving her office in Fulham (07/26/07)

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  2. Oh I just love her!! I want her sweater and sunnies too!!
  3. She looks great as usual.
  4. She is just so so stunning and polished and elegant
  5. love her whole outfit! she looks great!
  6. ITA, she's sophisticated. Love her and her outfit!
  7. she looks so cute.
  8. I like Liz Hurley - she always looks smart and elegant. Very ladylike.
  9. That woman is just gorgeous!
  10. She looks gorgeous!!!
  11. always amazing...I love Liz.
  12. She looks good, love the color of her sweater
  13. she looks fab, her jumper is my favourite colour.
  14. love her so hot
  15. Why can't I look like that in jeans and a sweater?