Liz Hurley Faces Wrath Of church after Swapping $2000 Donation .... For Cushions

  1. Liz Hurley has incurred the wrath of church leaders after failing to make a 'promised' £1000 donation($2000) - and instead pledged a dozen cushions to the church where her marriage to Arun Nayar was blessed.

    Liz has fallen from grace with the village that hosted her lavish £2m wedding, where the couple married in a civil ceremony at Sudeley Castle and had their wedding blessed by local vicar John Partington at St Mary's Church which is situated in the grounds of the castle.


    Church leaders claim the couple have since failed the village by neglecting to support the local church, having failed to with honour a verbal agreement to give a 'gift' of up to £1000 which would be put towards the upkeep of the church.
    The millionaire actress and model married her Indian businessman boyfriend Arun Nayar at a supposedly secret do in Winchcombe in the Cotswolds in March.
    Under normal circumstances couples would be issued with an official invoice for the costs involved in a ceremony but as the marriage was so high profile many of the agreements were made in secret and an invoice was never issued.
    However, the couple are accused of forgetting the promise, and instead have paid out for a set 12 embroidered kneelers which they will donate to the little used St Mary's at Sudeley.
    Church treasurer Sue Williams said they felt let down by the couple's change of heart.
    She said: "Normally there are official fees and for blessings, because people still use all the church facilities people make donations.
    "We would usually issue an invoice before the ceremony but the problem was that many of the meetings were held in secret because it was very high profile.
    "I suppose we assumed that as this offer had been verbally agreed it would be forthcoming."
    But since the wedding which featured high-profile guests such as Sir Elton John, who flew in by helicopter in a purple tracksuit, Donatella Versace, Orlando Bloom and Patsy Kensit Mrs Williams said they had not heard any more of the cash donation.
    She said: "We were disgusted. We've never got word from her.
    "Even the not well off make a donation. It's normally a few hundred pounds.
    "We hoped that her goodwill would be forthcoming with cash. But so far it hasn't been."
    A spokeswoman for Liz Hurley said: "Elizabeth and Arun have commissioned a dozen, hand-embroidered kneelers to donate to St Mary's Church at Sudeley Castle, for all worshippers and visitors to enjoy.

    "They're hoping they'll be finished in time for Christmas and will be given to Lady Ashcombe to place in the church.
    "St Mary's is a beautiful church and of great historic interest and the family is keen to encourage more visitors."
    However, Mrs Williams said: "There is an awful lot of expense to cover when running a church.
    "Put it this way, if we had had the money instead lets just say we wouldn't have bought kneelers."
    Rupert Chislett, 43, chairman of the Friends of Winchcombe, said: "I think people with fame should act in a way that fits with their public persona. "This doesn't seem to be one of those occasions."

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  3. If this is true, then both parties seem to be acting in poor taste. It is very rude to have services there and offer no monetary donation when even those who are less well off do so. Likewise, while I understand the church's need for money, it is also in poor taste to go public demanding a "donation". It is unfortunate all around. Perhaps Hurley didn't realize the need for cash? Because no matter how silly they seem, those kneelers will probably equal at least $2K if they are commissioned and hand-embroidered.

    Like I said, either way Hurley went back on a promise and the church is essentially spitting at the gift they are being given. Bad all around!
  4. Its tacky on both their parts.