Liz Earle Skincare- Has anyone tried it?

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  1. I feel like the products that I've been using are far too harsh and heavy for my skin (Proactiv face wash, Proactiv repairing lotion, and Cetaphil moisturizer), and I am really looking to switch up my routine.

    I've heard amazing things about Liz Earle skincare on YouTube (Lisa Eldridge is a big fan, and I really respect her opinions), and I've read good reviews on Makeup Alley and Amazon. Even so, I'm curious to know if anyone here has tried any products from the line?

    TIA for your feedback! :flowers:
  2. I've become addicted to UK beauty blogs and almost every one I've read has said this is an awesome skin care line, specifically the Cleanse and polish. It's a hot cloth treatment similar to the Eve Lom, but at a fraction of the price.
  3. ^ That's the one that I am most curious to try! I also read good things about the Superskin concentrate. It sounds fantastic!
  4. Sounds interesting .. I am going to check it out...
  5. I use this product after recommendation from a friend. I love it & use it everyday. I like that the muslin cloth gently exfoliates my skin & the product itself is creamy & doesn't make my skin feel dry.
  6. thanks..will give it a try