Liz Claiborne Leather Ziptop Satchel

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  1. OK, after thinking about this bag for a few days (to decide if I really want it), I ended up getting it:

    What do you guys think? As I said in another thread, I'm looking for some leather "starter" bags that will still look polished and not cheap. I have another cognac leather LC bag I got at DSW a few years ago for like $30! It's beautiful but HUGE and the strap drop is kinda short for wearing over my shoulders and it doesn't have a long strap. The LC satchel comes in some really nice colors but I'll go for black and maybe the sapphire if I like the quality of the black bag.

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  2. It looks cute. are the handles leather or PVC trimmed? With LC, I've found that the first thing to go are always the handles, sadly.
  3. I believe there is PVC trim on the handles. . .for the price I thought it was worth a look. If it looks cheap, I'll send it back. In the pics it looks smallish but the reviews noted how much larger/roomy it was so I'm hoping the size is good.
  4. Bumping!
  5. And we're bumping because ... you've received the bag? What do YOU think about it? Are you still looking for another 'starter' bag, and when will you graduate to 'ending' bag? :biggrin:
  6. No, just wanted opinions on the style of the bag :P

    Don't get me wrong--I LOVE high end designers, but I am a young professional and am not there yet. I could blow my income on Chanel but then I'd be sacrificing other things. I know in the near future, I will be able to though buy what I want though. :smile:
  7. I have a Liz Claiborne flap shoulder bag in tan that is one of my favorite bags ever. I found it when an on line store was getting rid of her bags and it was only $40. Ever since I have been kicking myself that I did not go back to the site in time to get this same bag in a chestnut color. The quality is very good on my bag and it's such a nice neutral color that goes with everything.

    I love the satchel you found.
  8. Awesome! I'm really loving Brahmin and D&B so I'll probably get one of those bags next but if this works out, then I can get something more interesting than basic black (I really want a clay or stone colored bag!).

    I love the leather of my LC bag too and the leather on this bag looks good in the pictures. Hopefully it will be nice in person. Hoping it gets delivered tomorrow.
  9. The bag arrived today! It has nice soft leather with gold hardware. I think it can go dressy or casual. I wish it was a tad bigger. . .I think it's a keeper :smile:

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