Liz Claiborne Died Today

  1. Mama, nooooooooooooooooooooo!

    OMG! Her perfumes...her handbags...!

    Oh, wow. She will be sorely missed...

    RIP Liz.

  2. I just saw this on the news. So sad.
  3. May she rest in peace - her style will always live on.
  4. I feel a little sad!

    Her "triangle" logo handbags were so stylish when they first came out. I have a lot of them. I don't use them any more but still have them. Maybe, I'll use one her honor:smile:
  5. I saw this on the news today:sad:
  6. Gosh. That almost seems impossible.
  7. my boyfriend told me and i thought it was such bad news. she was definately a legacy
  8. May her talented soul rest in peace.
  9. A truley amazing woman, may she rest in peace.
  10. oh how sad. I love her stuff.
  11. yeah that triangle handbag was my first big purchase as a college student - what a milestone!! Thank you, Liz. You are missed.
  12. v sad news :sad:
  13. wow. Thats sad. I am not a LC fan but her name and designs sure had staying power in the fashion industry!
  14. It's such a shame, especially considering the loss of Gianfranco Ferre last week and Isabella Blow a few weeks before. She had such an inspiring life. Let her rest.