Liz Bag......

  1. What are your thoughts on the Liz Claiborne, Broadway Basic bag. It appears to be a good everyday bag, very soft leather, low profile, comfortable and light. It's not too expensive $140 and the color is very nice, Palamino. How do you think this will hold up? I know they sell out of the stores quickly here.
  2. Is this the bag you are talking about? She has lots of 'Broadway' bags. I am not sure about LC bags in terms of their quality, but you should read comments about LC bags on ebags.
  3. Oooops. Forgot the pic! :push:

  4. [​IMG]

    This is it.
  5. I have 2 Liz Broadway Shoppers, one in Bone and one in Palomino:


    and I love them both, they are extremely soft and I've noticed that the rain doesn't hurt them!
  6. I think it should hold up just fine. I have 2 liz bags that are old and are still holding well. I also think it'svery attractive for that price.
  7. The Liz bags I owned in the past held up fairly well, so I imagine these ones would also hold up well. Actually, these ones might hold up better than mine, because these are from her leather line, correct? The ones I had were synthetic.
  8. Yes, they're leather and oh so soft. And, a very attractive bag for the cost.
  9. I'm not a fan of the one nextlilypad post up. Its too simple for my taste. The second one that pursefan06 posted is gorgeous.
  10. Cute bag.
  11. Hi there,

    I just got a Broadway Chain Hobo in a beautiful slate teal blue from QVC. Check them out though, b/c they do have other colors and styles. Anyway, I bought it because of the color and was amazingly surprised by the quality of the leather, so soft, plush (feels better than some of my expensive brand purses for a 1/3 less!