Living on My Own...Quick, Easy and Healthy

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  1. Hey Everybody!

    I'll be living on my own, starting in August, and was wondering what are your fail-proof recipes. I love healthy food so Mac and Cheese doesn't count! LOL

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. --- grilled --- fill in the blank meat----

    easiest thing is to pop the meat into the oven and let it cook for awhile.

    season with salt pepper and whatever herbs you like.

    --sometimes i also take a bag of peas and carrots and chop up bits of chicken or beef and microwave everything. Tada!

    -- PASTA!! so easy, so satisfying!! i cook my sauce separately and add in chicken and bacon and mushrooms and onions and whatever else i fancy at that time. but if you want to make it easier just microwave the sauce and pour and mix over pasta!
  3. marinate a chicken [to taste], fill the chicken [a whole chicken] with peas and boiled egg, mushrooms and anything else you like.... cook in oven,, take out after some time to baste [butter the surface].. that's it.. yummy
  4. Depends on whether you want "gourmet." Check out There you can subscribe to daily gourmet dinner recipes that can be prepared in less than an hour.

    They even give you a shopping list each week, so no waste! I haven't subscribed yet (still finishing up the food in our fridge), but plan to. The recipes look healthy and yummy.

    Foolproof, too.
  5. My quick/easy meals are these:

    1. Soy Vey Terriaki dumped on a chicken breast and baked. Depending on my mood... or if I am cooking for people I boil frozen edamame and make some couscous. Both of which take about 5 minutes total. The baking takes about 45 minutes but seriously, all you do is dump it on so there is pretty much no prep time except cleaning off the fat.

    2. Paprika chicken... mixture of olive oil, paprika, garlic, a little salt & pepper... mix to no real recipe, I have found I can't really ever put too much paprika. Coat chicken in paprika/olive oil mixture, I cut it up in strips, cook in pan with olive oil, sprinkle some extra garlic & paprika in there too. Can also mix onions into the mixture too. And I serve with a side of couscous.

    3. Amys (I think??) chicken sausages in the spinach/feta flavor... cook in oven, or boil and then brown on skillet. Sautee green peppers, onions in olive oil... and then stick it all on a bun/french bread. If I have people over, I also bake gem stone potatoes with olive oil, oregano and other various spices, salt and pepper. Easy because you just mix it all up and throw it in the oven and bake. Really not many steps.

    Other than that... I live off of eggs, cereal, pasta and salads, lol. My cooking repertoire is not very extensive. Sometimes my bf & i try new things but usually our good meals are when we go to my mom's to eat!
  6. For dinner Tilapia is easy to make, season to your taste and bake for 15-20 minutes.

    I make a huge bowl of salad every 3-4 days, so that when I want something healthy, it's already prepared. Also, you can throw some grilled chicken/shrimp/tuna on it and have it for dinner.

    Chicken/Tuna salad are also easy ideas. You can make this at your leisure and eat on it for a couple of days, if you need to. You can eat these salads over a bed of lettuce, on bread, or with crackers.
  7. Thanks Everyone! Great ideas!!!
  8. Thanks, BonnieC

    I just checked out that website.

    It looks terrific! I found a recipe for a duck wellington that looks wonderful.

  9. In warm weather, I do like Dani: make a big salad and toss on chicken or tofu. I buy prewashed spinach and lettuce for the "fast" part.

    In cool weather, I get cans of really good soup like Wolfgang Puck's or Amy's. I heat and toss in chunks of tofu or chicken. I get diced cooked chicken breast by Tysons in the freezer dept. You can defrost any amount at a time. I keep a handful in a bowl in the frig most days.
  10. Campbell's Chunky soups.

    Just open the can and dump in a a bowl.

    Tonight I'm having Italian Chicken.

    I also like Chicken Tortellini.

    (I guess just stay away from chowders and you should be fine.)
  11. Marinade 6 chicken drumsticks (legs) with:
    half medium onion, minced
    1 tbsp minced ginger
    half cup plain yoghurt
    2 tsp ground garam masala (it's a blend of powdered spices found in an Indian grocery store)
    1 scant tsp salt
    *optional 1/4 tsp chilli powder* Exclude if you don't want any heat

    Marinade overnight and bake for 1 hour in a baking dish tightly covered with foil at 400 degrees f. Turn the drumsticks over halfway through cooking and continue to cook covered until the hour is over. Then reduce the heat to 350 degrees f and remove foil. Continue to cook until most of the water that came out of the chicken has evaporated. May be another hour. If it looks like the chicken is going a bit dry before the water has reduced, turn the drumsticks over then loosely cover the baking dish with foil and continue to reduce the water until you have a small quantity of thick sauce (it'll be lumpy because of the onions and ginger).

    Eat with rice and a salad. You'll have leftover drumsticks to eat another time. The cooked drumsticks can also be frozen if you won't be eating them soon. Then defrost and reheat in a covered pan, the oven or microwave oven.

    Add your own fresh/dried herbs to the marinade.
  12. YUMMY !! THANKS !!
    Could I use breasts instead of drumsticks though?

  13. tomato lentil soup, vege soup or stew is always easy

    healthy & yummy & easy. just need to let it boil for about an hour.

    tomato lentil soup:
    sautee some chopped onions with some butter. add some chopped turkey slices or ham. then add tomato paste. add vegetable stock and pour ur lentils in. let it boil and simmer until soft :smile: drizzle with some parmesan cheese when ready. it tastes great with or without the meat but the meat is recommended as protein and that will keep you full
  14. Sure you can use chicken breasts, but the only thing is the cooking time will be shorter and I don't know by how much shorter.

    May be you can start a thread on how long it takes to bake marinaded chicken breasts?
  15. I just had some boneless chicken pieces. I think they were Tyson (?). Just put them in the microwave for 4 minutes and they are done. I also cook frozen lima beans a lot and fish. If you get fresh fish it cooks easily and quickly in a pan. I don't like to cook but I can cook fish.