Living nightmare?!?!

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  1. Just received a purse I bought from eBay. I think it's fake????!!!!

    Help! What do you think?
    Reade.jpg Reade2.jpg Reade3.jpg Reade4.jpg
  2. Do you still have the auction #, it might be easier to tell from that. The pictures are really hard to see. I hope it's not a fake! :cursing:
  3. Hi . you should post this in authenticate thread..don't forget to include the pics of the stamp, date code, lining..
  4. hmmm. the pics arent very clear...
    im not sure..
  5. I have an idea from looking at the pics...but can't confirm anything until I see the heat stamp up close. Can you try taking more pics? And also post this in the shopping authentication forum
  6. i dont know....i am a dummy when it comes to authenticating verins bags
  7. i dunno, i hope it is not fake
  8. Hope it isn't a knock off:shame:
  9. Yeah maybe one of the mods can move the thread for you..but in the meantime, please take pictures of the date code and heat stamp.
  10. i hope it's not fake...around here i don't see that many fake vernis
  11. Please post your pictures in the above mentioned thread and you will get help with authenticity.
Thread Status:
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