Living life in fear of price more!

  1. In the past year or so, I've been living my life in fear of those dreaded price increases. And unfortunately, I'm a collector of 4 different designers, so I've had to worry about price increases x 4 at all times! LMBO! With news of Louis Vuitton's latest price increase, I decide NOT to hurry up and buy something and just throw caution to the wind. So what if I have to pay $400 more for that bag (thank you Chanel), I'm still going to wait until I'm darn well and ready to make that purchase! Who's with me??? :cursing: :nuts: :roflmfao:
  2. Well, after finishing Caroline Cox's 'The Hangbag: An Illustrated History', I'm with you. I refuse to be part of the "desperate 21st century". It's fascinating how low we've sunk.:wtf:
  3. I'm with you. I needed three pieces to complete my LV collection. After these I am going on a much needed LV ban, however, I did not rush into the stores today. It crossed my mind, but I refuse to rush myself.
  4. Absolutely. I bought an LV years back right before a price increase - I like it, but I don't LOVE it. No more buying bags I don't love just because I feel pressured to!
  5. I *almost* bought a bag from the Christian Dior outlet because of their 20%-30% price increase next week. The bag was $495 and would be $795 after the increase. It is a major difference for me since I am still a student and I do not have that large of an income. I decided to wait on it and not jump the gun. I found something later that week that I liked even more than the bag at the outlet and it was WAY cheaper! I figured that if I really did like that bag at the outlet, I will be okay paying a little more for it further down the road when I have that expendable income.
  6. ^^ thats a crazy price jump!

  7. I'm tempted to agree - as much as I love LV and other designers I'm not going to lose sleep over the price increases - if anything they're trying to get rid of customers! lol
  8. I hope more and more people will vote with their wallets to protest these crazy price increases, which are nothing more than an insult to all those loyal customers who buy these brands. The customer isn't getting anything in return--these bags are increasingly mass-produced in China (which I'm sure is fine) and their margins are only going up.

    I'm not forking over my hard earned money to any companies that practice this's like paying a premium simply to be an advertisement for them rather than them giving increased quality/materials/craftsmanship or some other benefit in return. :tdown:

    I now spend my money only with companies who treat their customers well and demonstrate their products are well crafted and stand the test of time. As for those who keep upping their prices to keep their brand name more 'prestigious,' I'm just not buying what they're selling. I know enough about marketing to know I can find a number of great alternatives at a better price.

    Sorry for the rant.:nuts:
  9. That's a crazy price increase! How can they justify that much increase? ---> "Oh, our rivals are making that much so we should increase our prices too!" :tdown:

    BTW, I just need a small red bag and my one Balenciaga in BG, and I'm done with purses! I'm done with clothes and make-up too. I'm waiting for 2 Louboutins and that's it for me. After all those said purchases. I AM THRU!
  10. Hah, it's like pricing wine.
  11. A several hundred dollar price increase?? That's crazy! Glad I got my LV agenga when I did. I was tempted to "beat the price increase" at LV, but thought better of it and I don't like to be rushed.
    TejasMama: I agree, where's the added benefit that goes along with the price increase?
  12. So glad I'm not the only ones. Let's stand tall gals, and clench our wallets hard!!! lol
  13. I choose to keep myself oblivious to price increases so I don't worry about it... I'm the sort of person who'd be tempted to 'beat the increase' because it represents a bargain... sort of.
  14. well I am glad i got my speedy 30 when i did. I was ready and now the price is going to go up. I have to say that if i had not been ready when I got it i most likely would have a MbMJ turnlock teri or the morning after bag instead. I have my benchmark of LV. now i can move on to other designers
  15. Louis Vuitton is making a price increase?

    I've been lusting over the Speedy Damier for a long time

    whehn are the expected to do this?