Living in US, ordering from UK LV website?

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  1. Does anyone know if I can order the Emilie/Josephine wallet from the UK (Louis Vuitton official website) and have it shipped to the US? They do not have that specific color in the US website anymore (and I have tried calling). Has anyone done this and is there additional tax/fees for doing this? Any insight would be appreciated :biggrin:
  2. I would love to know this also.
  3. I've called and asked and have been told no. I'm interested to hear if anyone has gotten a different answer.
  4. It's not possible.
  5. You can only shop from the website of the country in which you reside.
  6. Thank you to everyone who clarified! :smile:
  7. What if you have it shipped to a family member?
  8. Then your family member will have to ship the item to you from the UK to the US. And be aware that you might have to pay import taxes when the box arrives in the US.

    You might have to check with Louis Vuitton about making the purchase online or over the phone with a foreign credit card for delivery address in the UK. Some businesses will not allow this to protect thenselves from fraud.

    Also, check with your bank about potential international transaction fees.
  9. they would not have to ship it, I could just bring it back when I visit next. I will check with LV, I order flowers sent to family all the time. Not sure why LV would not allow this. They run the card before sending out items, I have informed my cards with whom I shop so they do not deny purchases.

    They are pretty good with it. Once I ordered flowers for my MIL and the next week 4 charges showed up 1 from another florist in UK and 3 from Belgium my bank caught it immediately. Canceled the card and mailed me a new one. Have never had a problem since and always order from the same florist.
  10. It sounds like you have it all figured out then. Not sure what you are asking from the forum. Pick up your bag during your next trip to the UK!

    In my opinion, that's not worth the few bucks you're going to save. I would walk to the nearest store, buy what I want, and enjoy it right away. Good luck though!
  11. the nearest store in the US is 2 + hours away driving....if I walked well I probably could fly to UK faster. :smile:

    I was just wondering if anyone had ordered something from UK and had it shipped to US, same as OP and that was answered so I was wondering if anyone had purchased from US and had shipped to family or friends in the UK, not difficult, that is what I was inquiring about from forum members. It was not to save a few bucks, it was a question for future reference, in case something I wanted was not available here in the US. That is what the forum is for unless I am mistaken.