Living and Kitchen Before and After

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  1. We're not done yet, not even close. But it's finally coming together and I'm very happy.

    This is what the house looked like when we purchased it a year ago. I think everything was original cira 1985. We finally brought it up to 2016 :biggrin: lol..

    Still need chairs for the kitchen island- hoping to get some ideas from you guys because I think I've pretty much looked at everything at this point, and I'm feeling overwhelmed.

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  2. Awesome, it looks great! Nice work!
  3. Thank you. :smile:

    I'm kinda getting sick of the entire project. Just want it finished already..
  4. It's beautiful! I love your floors and the wood of your kitchen island.
  5. Stunning work and great layout.
  6. LOVE your new kitchen! The colors, sleek design and those new large windows really open it up and give it a modern look which is my style as well! And the fireplace finish in the living room is great! Great job!

    Out of curiosity, do you have any idea of a budget that could be expected just for a kitchen like that? I'm currently looking at houses that are older and will need an updated kitchen and I'd like to have some sort of reference to what I'd be looking at budget wise for something similar. Sorry if its too personal a question and you don't want to answer, was just looking for a range so I know how to figure it into a price range for the house.
  7. Oh your kitchen to my breath away! So beautiful and clean lines everywhere. Love it.
  8. Thanks everyone, appreciate it.

  9. Thank you.

    All I did was have the fake stone removed from the fireplace thinking I was going to refinish it. But I really liked the look of the concrete so left it.

    As far as the kitchen goes, it really depends.
    If you want top of the line cabs, appliances, counter tops - it can run easily run way over 100k.

    My kitchen ran around 50k but that doesn't include backsplash which I won't be doing. Just going to use stainless steel subway tiles over the range.

    My cabs were cheap - Home Depot, and I only have bottom cabinets, no top.
    But my range is a Bluestar Platinum, the hood is also Bluestar. Rest of the appliances are Samsung. I did spend a little more for a counter depth fridge but it was still around $2,200

    My island is from Pro-build by Medallion. They're not a high end cabinetry company, but they're not at the bottom either.
    My countertops are Cambria quartz. All the quotes I received were between $74-101 per sq foot.

    We also put in windows, and new floors, closed up an entryl near the fridge that lead to the foyer, and opened up another door that led to the pantry and stairs. We also needed a lot of new electrical work done.

    This is in NY though, and the prices here are just higher for the actual labor.

    I will say this though, I would never go through this again.
    It's been over a year and it's still not done. If this were our primary home, I would of lost my mind. So if you decide to do a major reno while living there, be prepared for a lot of stress.

    Good luck :wave:
  10. Thanks for the in-depth explanation! You scared me with the 100k price tag LOL I think I would be fine with regular cabinets from something like HD/ Lowes and the same for regular appliances, not high end so maybe I can do it on a budget.

    Unfortunately I know about the time and effort it takes to do all the renovations but many times it is so worth it and Im sure you will enjoy your new kitchen and maybe forget about all the pain and suffering once you're through :smile: All the houses in the area Im looking at are older so I'm likely going to have to put up with it as my primary residence, but at least I'll be able to get what I want that way, so again I appreciate the time you took to write everything out and estimate the costs!