Living alone

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  1. Sorry, this will make me sound like such a kid! Bear with me. :worried:

    I'm a little anxious about living alone after graduation. I've always lived with roommates or sorority sisters. And I've never paid a bill in my life... The idea of hooking up electricity/internet/telephone seems daunting.

    Do you like living alone? Was it hard to adjust to?

    I guess I'll be another Single Girl with Cat in a big city.
  2. awww, I have the same worries too!

    I think that you should consider it an adventure! I don't graduate for another year, but when I do I'm planning on moving to a city where I don't really know anyone ( well, an ex lives there but he doesn't count right now!). I think my biggest challange will be adapting to paying bills and budgeting, etc! I'm also a little nervous about getting scared at night. :-X no scary movies for ME.

    I am looking foward to decorating a cute little apartment and having friends over for little dinners and stuff, and I'm planning on getting myself a kitten, so if worst comes to worst I can be a crazy cat lady. :-P

    don't be nervous though!

    PS. your new userpic is SO adorable. Girl, you're gorgeous!
  3. I LOVED living alone. Total privacy, can come and go as you please, decorate as you please. With the internet, you can have practically anything turned on these days like cable, electricity, etc. I was living my Mary Tyler Moore dream life when I was single. Enjoy it.
  4. I didn't live alone after college per se, but it felt like I was alone. I had only 4 days to move to DC after I accepted my first job out of school. Since none of my friends live in DC, and I certainly couldn't afford to live by myself at the time, I found a roommate off of Craigslist. She was really nice, but just never around. The worst part was that she had 2 cats and didn't take care of them at all (I was allergic, and felt trapped in my bedroom the whole time I lived there). Our apartment, no matter how much I tried to clean it, stank of cat urine. It was definitely really hard for me to adjust at first, but then my boyfriend found a job in DC and moved down. I ended up spending a lot of time at his place, and when my lease ran out, I moved in with him.

    That's just my personal experience, so yours might be completely different. I lived with 3 other girls for all four years of college, so it was hard being alone at first. I took those opportunities to explore DC.
  5. Living alone - its not a bad thing at all, i lived or else should i say it feels like live alone! i'm never home as it is - i'm always out and about doing things with friends - i live my brother but you won't know it!

    At first when i started setting up the house it was quite scary on at the rip ole age of 20 i had to figure out how to set up bills for the power, rates, phone etc.... i just talked to some of my friends parents and they helped me out and gave me advice on which companies are good :amuse: that helped alot it was nice to know that even though i wasnt apart of the family they were willing to help...

    i think the only think i worried about was setting up the bills because it actually goes under name etc..... and then i got around to figuring out when to do laundry and when to shop for food etc... it all comes down to lots of practice. :smile:

    but good luck chick! and don't worry about the small stuff it all works out and you'll totally enjoy the freedom!!! its just great! :amuse:
  6. I'm sure you'll manage, when I lived alone it felt quite liberating. I didn't pay bills during that time, but I still felt a great deal more independence than when I always had people breathing down my neck :biggrin: Hopefully I'll be moving out this year!
  7. I'm most worried about this, too. I'm also kind of a space case so my roommates have always handled this stuff. I"m sure I won't figure out how to turn on my electricity and water for a good 4 months. Was it a big pain in the buttocks?
  8. :amuse: Believe me, you will find out how to turn on your water and electricity!
  9. I feel you. I'm 19 and still studying, as a matter of fact it's only my first year :amuse: I live with my parents, partly because it's so convinient and partly because the rents are so high. Lately I have been literally banging my head against the walls, I want my own place so bad.... But I have the same issues, I have never paid a bill in my life, I can't cook for my life and though I crave for the own space I think I'd feel lonely... :worried:
  10. I think it's GREAT! Roommates could be great if they work out, though sometimes even the best of friends are not such good roommates. Living alone means free to decorate, free to keep the place as neat or as messy as you please, no fighting over TV channels, late bills, dishes left over a week, noise when you need quiet time, etc.

    Nectarine25, I couldn't cook either til I moved out for college, and now that I'm by myself I'm kinda forced to. But it's actually so much fun! And for those lazy days there's always delivery service or the premade stuff.

    The only problems is not having anyone to share bills with. But then again, you'll never have to wonder whether you paid too much because you're barely ever home or barely ever used the gas for cooking etc :P

    IntlSet if you're worried, you can always start by living in property-managed apartments, they take care of setting up gas/water/electricity for you, and sometimes even cable tv/internet :smile:
  11. Same here! I miss it sometimes! Enjoy it!
  12. I had been the family financial secretary for a few years (learned all the ins and outs of bills, credit cards, etc.)
    I finally moved out when I was 21 yrs old!...and when I left my mother and I had the biggest argument, where we both ended up crying and her last words to me were "You'll be back"! 23 Years later, I've been married to my (ex-roommate) husband for 20 years and have a beautiful 4 yr mom and I patched things up long ago and she told me, she was very proud that I had the strength to assert my independence and leave the nest.
  13. It can be daunting at first but it really is quite easy to get yourself set up. I trust once you do you will love your independence. I think everyone should live by themselves before they settle down. It gives you a sense of self. I lived by myself from around age 19 to 30. I really enjoyed my independence. Now that I'm married I'm enjoying this phase of my life. Chin up, take a deep breath, and dive in! We're here if you need us! You're really not ALONE.
  14. Aww, Kat, you're so sweet! Yeah, I guess I have no choice anyway! I've just always had so much fun with roommates. Well, I'll make new friends. :idea:
  15. Living alone is scary, lovely, wonderful, lonely...MOST of all liberating! Once you get used to it your space will be sacred. I never paid all the bills either. You will adjust. Its just part of your day. Enjoy your time. It will change and be only a memory! I hope it all works out..I know you will keep us posted. enjoy it ...its just another faze in your life...its all good!