Living a Clean Life (Love Louis, love life.)

  1. Hi. Will someone help. I know that there have been a hundred replies to about 20 threads on vachetta leather.:sad:

    As the Damier Dude, you are probably surprised that I'm asking about vachetta, but I do have my share of Mono pieces.:rolleyes:

    Without searching through all those threads, what is the best (and safest) product for removing soil (plain old dirt) from vachetta leather . . . not water stains.:whistle:

    I have tried Coach cleaner, Coach moisturizer, saddle soap and more. Everything darkens the vachetta and makes the sets in the dirt deeper. :wtf:

    Will someone please, please help me?:wondering
  2. the FAQs sub forum at the top has a thread about cleaning.HTH
  3. Magic Clean eraser...very gently rubbing the vachetta. [so I've heard...]

    But yes, the FAQs do cover this. ;)