Livin' The Coach Lifestyle..

  1. It just goes to show you that good things can come out of bad...:yes:

    After reading a page of the 'Coach Haters' thread, which is always a bit like a car wreck (you don't want to look but can't seem to help yourself), I came across ImASadGiraffe's quote about Coach fitting her lifestyle, and I thought she hit on something pretty big--what is it about our lifestyles that makes Coach appealing?:confused1:

    For me, I've always loved their quality leather and that they make gorgeous bags that don't require a mortgage payment to pay for! I also love that, while they are high quality bags, they can take a bit of a beating and can handle my life with little kids. I can be dressed up without feeling too over the top. I have different styles for different situations, and they all work. I could spend more on other handbags but I choose not to do so.

    I have some other brands (and must confess a recent love affair with Belen Echandia but that's another story) but Coach remains the style I carry most often.

    Have you noticed how down to earth Coach people are? How friendly the SAs are? I think this is all part of the same 'inclusive vs. exclusive' philosophy. Coach women come from all walks of life and hold about every job imaginable from doctors and lawyers to pilots, servicewomen, businesswomen, educators, computer programmers and engineers.

    I think that's why I like Coach styles. They fit real life and are carried by some of the most genuine and amazing ladies I know. :heart:
  2. You said this so well TejasMama! ITA! While I've started a recent liking of Kooba, Coach is still my first love and I will always purchase their bags, because of the quality and the fact that they make me so damn happy! Walking into a Coach store or opening a new catalog just gives me a great feeling! Corny I know, but it's true! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!
  3. Thats exactly why I love coach. I want to be able to use the bag and maybe toss it around a bit without worrying about it being hurt. For the most part their bags are very casual and i'm a jeans and Tshirts kind of girl.
  4. well said! :tup: I personally am just attracted to Coach the most.. I find it very addicting :nuts: They always have something new out (which can be good and bad) and there stores are nice and neat and their SA's are the best. :tup: The way they wrap everything always makes me feel special and makes it that much more of a treat. I also love the quality and although they have had some issues I always know that Coach will stand behind their products 100%.. that means a lot to me. :yes:
  5. I love the fact that the bags have such simple clean lines that are perfect. They're not complicated with a lot of crap all over it (think of something like Kathy Van Zeeland).

    I look at lot of the expensive bags that are waaaayy too big or have all this stuff going and think to myself...Why not just get a Coach?!
  6. I couldn't agree more with all of the above statements. I personally need a bag that I can use and not worry about, that doesn't contain an overabundance of hardware or a fashion-forward but awkward design. I also don't want to look at my closet and groan over the amount of money I've spent on purses - purses shouldn't be my most valuable possessions, lol! It's not that Coach is my only love, but it's the brand I keep coming back to for classic designs, nice leather, and reasonable price points, especially with the outlets.
  7. I love Coach for the same reasons as everyone else! They are somewhat reasonably priced, they are simple and casual, which is good for me since I wear jeans and t-shirts pretty much everyday of my life. And I LOVE the quality. I would still buy Coach no matter how much money I had. And they are just gorgeous bags, that's the main reason.
  8. Very well said.
  9. Gorgeous bags, for sure!
  10. I havent read that thread and maybe I shouldnt. Personally I think think people like that just have nothing better to do with their day, are bored and are jealous.

    I hope everyone i the forum and the others continue to enjoy their bags because they love them.. screw what others think and say.
  11. I came to the conclusion that Coach fit into my lifestyle when I started to go into LV. Now I do not hate LV nor do I make judgements about anyone who carries them. They just were not me. I'm so simple and down to earth that they just did not fit into my life very easily, I just felt weird carrying them. I can't tell you why. I bought other designers too; mostly new ones (like Hayden Harnett etc.) and brands like Cole Haan etc. but none of them created a stir in my heart like Coach does! So, I buy exclusively Coach now. I love the styles, the quality, how they stand behind their product, the SAs and how new things come out often! They are accessible most of the time yet still give me this feeling of carrying something special and luxurious. Coach just fits for me. If I need a small bag to run to the store, Coach has it. If I need a big tote for trips, they have it. Most of the time, what I need, they have. And I enjoy the sisterhood I feel among us Coachies here. I don't sense any sort of rivalry among us or competition. We cheer each other on like sisters and I love that! Coach just makes me smile!
  12. I was first drawn to Coach because of the beautiful simplicity of their handbags. I love that so many Coach bags fit so well into my wardrobe. Coach also fits into my lifestyle because they make quality handbags that I can afford being a full time student and only working part time. I love that I do not have to baby my bags and I can take them from school to work and know that they will stay looking great!
  13. Hi TejasMama! I just want to add a note here...I have had a couple of glasses of wine :wacko:so sorry if I am off topic...Ya'll should know that TejasMama is one of the brightest, most intelligent, wittiest, smartest women I've ever met. I just love your comment, "...a bit like a car wreck (you don't want to look but can't seem to help yourself), " We met through TPF, went shopping together a couple of times, and she brought me...get this...chicken soup:kiss::tispy:!!! How sweet! K, bye for now. Mmmm, this is good wine. By the way, I still have your tupperware.
  14. I totally agree with all of the above posters. I've been a Coach girl since before Louis Vuitton, Gucci or any other high end designers' bags were even popular. I just loved the leather, felt they were classic with a nice twist of fashionable, perfect for my lifestyle. I could get other brands if I chose to, and have dabbled in Fendi a few times, but I always come back to Coach.
  15. TejasMamma you said it very well! I like the "inclusive vs. exclusive" feel of Coach, and it totally fits into my lifestyle. I'm a Mom with a very messy baby. :p I'm not going to be carrying around a purse that can't handle a beating and maybe a little vomit now and then.

    Plus, it's at the perfect price point for me. I can afford to buy 5-6 purses a year to match my moods, outfit, events, etc. I'd much rather have that versatility at this point in my life than spending the money on one expensive purse (ex: Chanel) that I'd love, but be too scared to take out.

    I'm sure when I'm richer or my kids are older I may have a different outlook, but for now Coach is perfect!