Livin' Life with Gustto!

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  1. I finally broke down and bought a Gustto Baca in blue from an Ebay seller and I simply LOVE this bag!

    This Gustto leather has such a wonderful 'hand' and is as soft as a baby's butt. I can fill this baby up with loads and loads if I want to or carry just the normal amount and it slouches beautifully.

    My teenage son saw my bag and said it looked like a blue baby elephant and he is so right.

    And don't you love this color? I wonder what new colors we will see this fall in Gustto, I wouldn't mind owning another one of these.

    Okay, I have shown you my Baca, you show me yours! Let's see all the colors they come in.

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  2. Congrats Lindy! I love that color!

    Are you ready to put on your nylon suit? :nuts:
  3. Ok, sometimes one strays off of the straight and narrow path to KoobaLand and sees another beautiful bag.

    Mine appeared on my doorstep in the vision of a Gustto Baca in Blue and wooed me away for the time being.

    Now I see why many of you ladies love Gustto, this leather is simply wonderful and a nice departure from our beloved Koobas.

    I also posted a thread in the General Bag section entitled 'Live Life with Gustto!'.

    And as a side note to the Gustto superhero costume tailor, please dear, do the alterations on my suit so I appear tall and slim like Cindy Crawford. *s

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  4. Yeah, bring on the yellow!
  5. Gorgeous blue. I have a weird thing with the Baca. Lusted after an ivory one for ever. I went to the last sample sale to get it, but the ones they had were filthy. Then I looked over the other Bacas and decided I don't like the shape. Now with all of you gals showing off yours, I'm liking them again.
  6. :sweatdrop::drool: Oh my GAWD but that's a beautiful bag!!! The color! WOW!

    Where did you find that baby?????? No, don't tell me. LOL

    Congrats on a well-deserved cheat! :wlae:
  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh the blue is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: i love love love it

    your **** will be waiting in the gusttomobile and we shall all share a baca bull*our secret recipe modeled after the vodka red bulls and cheers to our newest member!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: BACA POWER!
  8. I will say the shape of the Baca is the most unusual I have ever seen. It is like a fat tube pinched in at the ends and it pooches out in a very soft fashion.

    I love how it feels up against my side and touching the leather as I walk.

    I suppose everyone has different things one wants and needs in a bag. It is always best to try one on in a store first, then you know for sure.
  9. That is JUST stunning. The color is TDF! Congrats, Lindy on getting your Crime Fighter Suit in a very fashion forward way!

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  10. I love it Lindy!!! Is it an ebay find? The Blue is gorgeous. Now how do you like the Ghetto lining? LOL I am so glad that Bessie talked me into a Baca after showing her red one. It's a great bag.

    It's okay we stray from Kooba. Remember we tried to get Vlad to consider a Kooba/Gustto/Botkier/Bulga type board? I happen to have a love affair with Gryson. I am parting with my Gustto Torlia to help fund it and that's okay. The Gryson I want will be the most expensive bag I've bought thus far. It's kinda hard for me to adjust to.
  11. Lexie, are you getting one of the woven Grysons? Those are so alluring to me.
  12. No, don't tell us where you got that My credit card co. is loving me way too much this month..(and you know you & I have the same taste in bags) I'm just not gonna look at this again!

    Your new Baca is simply gorgeous! I just love the blue bags. Is that the big or little Baca?

    You bad girl you....cheating again!
  13. Rosen, this is a regular sized Baca, plenty big enough for me.

    And Lexie, I sent you a photo of this Baca to help me authenticate, it looked quite grey in her photo. This goes to show that a good photo can really sell a bag on Ebay.

    Look at her photo, the first one, and then my photo that shows how the bag REALLY looks. I bet she could have had twice as much money if she had taken better pics. (I paid 240). Tsk Tsk. It is a good lesson for us though, good photos make the sale.

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  14. Wow! Great color and what a deal! I love it.
  15. Yes, I want a woven one. I'm going to get an Indigo or Cherise but they won't be out until Late July or August I suppose. Hope I can get 20% off at AE. I am trying to decide a good size. I really want the Jasper but it's huge. The Skye is just the right size for me so I may get another. Price doesn't vary much between the wovens...1000-1350. I have a Chocolate Skye and a Camel Tate. I wouldn't mind maybe a woven Tate if they come out with them this Fall. The bag is amazing. Here is my Tate...