Liver Transplant Support

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  1. Hello fellow purse lovers!
    I wanted to see if there was anyone here who has survived a liver transplant, or knew someone who has.

    This week has been a really tough one, but things are looking positive. After a lot ups and downs my mom has been put on the wait list for a new liver (though she is on internal hold waiting for a heart stent to heal). Once it does heal she will be accepting offers and prepared for surgery. So things are looking very good.

    But as far as after care goes I'm a little worried about her coming home to some big lifestyle changes. Our social worker mentioned that depression is very common once arriving home especially during the first six months and I was wondering if anyone had any advice to give, or pointers on how to make things more comfortable/easier for her.

    Thanks in advanced!
  2. Hi, I know this is about lung transplants but it might help. My ex sister in law had a double lung transplant in February this year after being on the waiting list for about ten years. That's a long wait but it was in Ireland and there were two failed attempts - one where she wasn't fit enough and the other because one recipient lung collapsed.

    She's been great and really humble all along, no depression at all, just hope and acceptance. I admire that tremendously.

    On a practical note aftercare is a life changer. There may be little health set backs in the first twelve months, there's a cocktail of drugs to be taken for life, the home has to be 100% sterile and constant monitoring will need to be done by the Doctors. She has said she doesn't have her life back but she has a new, different life for which she's grateful.

    On the plus side to see her up and walking, chatting and laughing, within just days of the operation was nothing short of a miracle. All she wants is her family and friends around her and no fussing although it is a little hard not to.

    Fingers crossed that your Mum gets her new liver and continues with a full recovery. Best wishes to you both xx

  3. Unfortunately I live in New York but plan to stay in California until the beginning of August for her first couple weeks actually home. We have three cats which she cannot touch for like 3 months it seems which I know will be very hard for her, she also has to completely change her lifestyle, go out in the evening only and change your diet.

    "She has said she doesn't have her life back but she has a new, different life for which she's grateful".

    This is very good thank you!