20% off w/ UPS ground free shipping

  1. 20% off w/ UPS ground free shipping with code: toutie

    I just purchased a COH & Rock & Republic jeans. $80-ish savings for me.:yahoo:
  2. ughhhh this site is so bad for me, but good for my closet and my CC company :smile:

    anywho, thanks! I just got some r&r's as well :smile:
  3. madzia, did you receive your order?

    I ordered Sunday and I received it yesterday (Tuesday). They are mad fast with shipping (or maybe its because I'm also from NY?). And they wrapped my two jeans neatly! Definitely I'll be getting more stuff from them in the future! :yes:
  4. joyce, I placed my order at 11 PM on Monday night, and received it today Wed at 12 PM! That's the quickest i ever received anything without paying for overnight shiping (I'm in CT btw)! I think I'll get a pair of sevens today just because I am absolutely delighted with the service and the price :smile:

    thanks again for sharing the offer code!~