LIVE! with Kelly Ripa

  1. I've heard a lot of people say that they think Kelly is too over dramatic and annoying without Regis.
  2. One thing that annoys me about her is that she CONSTANTLY puts down her body. She did it even when Regis was on but does it more now. I think she does it to a) fish for compliments and b) try to be funny. I think it is a bad message to send though because she is obviously very tiny and very in shape. Calling herself fat probably makes a heavier woman- or even a woman 5 pounds heavier than her!- feel like poop. I'm surprised that the producers haven't told her to quit it yet. A couple of years ago, a female celebrity (wish I could remember who...maybe Andi McDowell) put her in her place when she did it. It was pretty awesome.

    Like I said above, I enjoy the show and Kelly...but yes, she can be a bit annoying and desperately needs a permanent co-host.
  3. Are you kidding?!?! I've never heard her say anything about being fat. That's ridiculous!! Only thing I've picked up on is when she says how flat chested she is which isn't that big of a deal to say. I guess I don't watch the show that consistently to notice what she comments on. I do remember her once saying how she constantly eats junk all day long, like goldfish crackers, ice cream, blah blah blah and being like uhhhh YEAH RIGHT Ripa :lol:
  4. To be fair, the fat comments have tamed down quite a bit...but yes, the flat chested comments are never ending!! Although that just might be her own insecurity coming through. You're so right...she always comments on what junk she eats, but there is no way!!! Who does she think she's fooling? :lol:
  5. Idk, but if she thinks people buy the fact that she eats junk all day long and has a 6 pack like she does then I'm going to start telling everyone that my voice sounds like Mariah Carey's!
  6. While I don't think I ever heard her calling herself fat, I do get the impression she wants to be skinnier all the time. And that is ridiculous, as she is too skinny to start with IMO. But as most women want to be thinner than their size, a celeb like her wanting to be like so isn't so surprising.

    I've always liked her but it is just so sad Regis is not there any more. Even during the days of Kathy Lee, I always appreciated Regis more. I think it would be awesome to have NHP as co host but can't really see that happening.
  7. It's been years since I've seen the show, but I do like Kelly Ripa. I think Nick Lachey would be a great co-host! I used to watch Newlyweds. I was never a Jessica Simpson fan, but Nick always seemed like a nice, down-to-earth guy.
  8. NO I've never heard her say that about herself. I have Never gotten the vibe that she wants to be thinner either - what did she say that you think that?
  9. She's never said, "I'm fat" in those words that I've heard, but she used to talk about how it isn't fair that so and so doesn't have to diet or that it isn't fair that women have rolls and all of that. She'd basically lump herself in with the larger women, as though she had a weight issue. Then she recently talked about hating to be weighed and that she takes off every piece of clothing that she can before stepping on the scale. Like I said, it isn't as bad lately, but it used to be very annoying. Now she mainly just makes fun of what she calls her "boyish body"...which again, can get annoying at times.
  10. i like kelly and wish her the best now that regis is gone but i really wish they would pick a new host already! they've had some great ones like nick lachey & NPH. i would even be ok if her husband got the job too, but i'm not sure if TPTB want that.
  11. I also think Nick Lachey would be a great co host. I have always thought he was a real nice Down to earth guy. He was great on the HAlloween episode. Not sure though if he would want to move to NYC with the baby coming but I believe it would be great for his career. Not a fan at all of NPH or J GRoban totally anoying/full of themselves. I think they might just leave it as a guest co host position and have guest co hosts.
  12. I"ve never picked up on that. Your perception is interesting...

    I agree with you, I really like him and think he would do a good job.
  13. I am absolutely dying for them to pick a co-host long as it is Nick or NPH, of course. :smile:

    Does anyone know when they plan to make the announcement? They did a commercial that said it would be this spring, but the website doesn't have any further info that I can see.
  14. I finally saw her show this morning. It was so funny! Mark was co-hosting and I was cracking up with their banter. Married couples could relate.
  15. They are the cutest couple! I am not sure if I'd want to watch them together everyday, but I love when he co-hosts. Their oldest son looks just like Mark!