Live Update: Las Vegas Hermes!!!

  1. hi ladies!! well, i'm here in vegas. got in this morning and guess what i did as soon as we checked into our room at bellagio....HERMES BABY!!! first of all, have to share in the excitement of being in the PENTHOUSE SUITE that our host put us in!!! OMG!!! what did i do to deserve such luxury???!! :yahoo: hmmm...try being married to a BJ addict. no ladies...i mean BLACKJACK addict!!! :lol: naughty naughty....

    anyhoo...they're completely renovating this hotel so the first floor where the main casino hallway is is completely transformed. the colors are blue with chocolate brown. a bit more contemporary than before. very nice and chic.

    ok, onto hermes. so i went in there with DH. asked my SA if there were any birkins or kellys. "just what u see that's out" she said. figures....(whatever, i know they prob got their secret stash in the back!!) so here's a rundown from what i can remember: 35cm gold ostrich PH birkin, 25cm fuschia ostrich kelly PH, 28cm tangerine ostrich kelly PH, fuschia lizard constance (GH i think), 25cm (maybe there a smaller sz??) gold togo kelly, mind is drawing a blank all of a sudden. perhaps i will go back again later on tonite after dinner. ok, so that's it. have to head back downstairs to the tables. left DH there ALONE to play and that can be very dangerous!!! he mght gamble away my H money!!!!
  2. i was must be married to a fine looking gigilo. does the phrase "happy hooker" ring a bell? :roflmfao:
  3. How much is the gold ostrich Birkin??

    BTW -- Have Fun!!!!!
  4. peanut i wish you guys a date with lady luck tonight - such a GREAT DATE in fact that your dh being a bj addict pays off and you win the ostrich Birkin! then those awful vegas H snobs can go bj themselves
  5. You go peanut...have fun...keep us posted!

    Don't forget to have some gelato and eat the breakfast buffet in the bellagio. It is out of this world.

    Somehow...please squeeze in a full report!!!
  6. Wow! Well hopefully that BJ addict (how did you know what I was thinking??) will result in some Hermes money lol!!!
  7. ooooo the breakfast Buffet is FANTASTIC! Go on an empty stomach though 'cause there's TONS of goodies!
  8. and the dinner buffet :drool:..all those desserts! :nuts:
  9. ^ food and Hermes! What could be better!!???!
  10. cocktails, GT.........cocktails......
  11. Thanks for the update PBC! Sounds like you're having a great time!
  12. "cocktails, GT.........cocktails......"

    A woman after my own heart....
  13. Thanks for the update, can't wait for 12/9.
  14. i'm pretty sure that they already have that show in vegas . . . not at the bellagio, though (gotta hit another part of town).
  15. thanks so much for the update. i love having these reports from all over. yipppeeeeee.