LIVE first one ever!!! hehe im excited...lets see if i can work this.

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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    Okay, I'm new to this whole forum thingy....but now im addicted. I check people reveals at least once a day...hehe So here's for my first reveal...I've wanted this bag for a long time and finally found it!!!!!! Any guesses....

    I just got in on the *bay..... I can't wait to get it to finally carry it!!!!! I don't know what collection or line its from so if anyone knows let me know???

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  2. that's just the inside...its an oldie but goodie....its suede
  3. I can't tell from the inside.
  4. ok...I had no takers for my reveal.....either I'm too new or I just sorta feel like the fat girl in dodge ball that no one likes..=( Well anywho here's the bag of my dreams......just don't know what collection its from, I dont know if they made any matching items with it.:confused1:

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  5. thanks pursedove!!!! sorry I'm using the pictures form the so impatient.
  6. Well, I was the fat girl in dodge ball. Fortunately people liked me anyway. ;)

    It looks like maybe a soho of some sort?
  7. lol, love your sense of humor and your green satchel in your picture too!! :P
  8. Thanks! :smile:

    I love your new bag, wish I was more help. What is the style number inside the bag?
  9. I actually didn't get the purse yet...I just sniped it on ebay for $90 with shipping -its slightly used. I just e-mailed the person for the creed number. When I do get the purse I will post pics... I can't wait!!!
  10. aww... i'm sorry your reveal didn't take off! i guess not enough people were online just now. :hugs: you know, the next time, you should wait for your bag to arrive and do a reveal with it covered first, either in the box or dustbag or something! :yes: congrats on winning the bag! :heart:
  11. thanks that's a good idea...i was just too excited. I will try that....any idea what collection this bag if from?
  12. hmm... no i don't but i think baglady39 has the matching wristlet but in purple?
  13. #13 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    ooo that's cute, I like it! Pursedove is right, I think it's from the Soho line. Maybe you can do modeling pics when you get the bag-congrats!

    edit: or maybe the Hamptons...
  14. Awh, I am sick right now so was in bed sleeping during the reveal! Don't worry, we like ya! Sometimes the weekends aren't the best days for reveals lol.

    Pretty bag, hope it's in great condition when it arrives, it looks lovely!!! Welcome!!!!!!!
  15. Its definatly soho. I think it may be a limited edition, but dont hold me to that.