LIVE REVEAL: My birthday stunner!

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  1. :yahoo:

    i can't really contain myself. are you ready?!!
  2. I am ready! :>)
  3. so, i literally made sure to work from home today because i knew there was a little delivery from fedex coming to our home. at 9:48 a.m., there it was!
  4. I'm here!!!!!
  5. :whistle:
  6. i ripped the box open. and!

  7. teaser:


    (any guesses?)
  8. Sorbet or Magenta?
  9. nope, not sorbet. this is another pink that i coveted for a long time in this particular style.

  10. miss 08 amethyst gsh city!

  11. She is soooooo beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy! :cloud9:
  12. More pics!!!!
  13. Wow, its so beautiful. Congrats!!
  14. Beautiful!!!! LOve it! and Happy Birthday!!!
  15. [​IMG]