Live Reveal from Hong Kong

  1. Thank you!!!!
  2. Love the color combo ,Congrats
  3. Thanks!
  4. Hi!! Just wondering if you could tell me a thing or two about
    how you got your bag!? I am in Australia and there are no stockists so i need to try and buy one from either Hong Kong the US or UK. Did you order and pay for your bag over the phone or in person? I called all the shops in Paris but they said they would not ship to Australia. Did the Shop in Hong Kong ship the item overseas to you?
    It's painful calling all the stores when you only speak english so a heads up would be so much appreciated:smile:
  5. I got my bag in Hong Kong during a recent trip. I usually go every month and im always on their wait list. After buying one, I ask them to put me on their list again.
  6. Try calling Celine in Pacific Plaza Hong Kong and look for Maggie. She's my S.A., tell her Jackie Lim gave the recommendation. She'll be happy to help you. She can understand and speak English well. Hope this helps
  7. hi..

    I am thinking to get a mini too..

    but just wondering is it heavy if we put a lot of things inside?

  8. Yes, its very heavy especially if it's all leather
  9. Thank you very much!!
  10. You're welcome!
  11. congrats! They look amazing!
    Did you get them in Hong Kong?
  12. Yes in Celine at Harbour City
  13. How good is their stock level? I'm heading to Hong Kong around Christmas, hoping to get a Micro there:smile:
  14. Last time I was there they had 4 micros in Celine Pacific Place
  15. It's gorgeous
    The color contrast is very nice and hip