Live Reveal: Best blue ever, launched Apr 1st- so happy

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  1. Dear tPF Ladies and LV lovers,

    I'd like to share with you my dream bag I just purchased today.

    I went into my local LV store to have a look at a bag I wanted to get since it came out.
    But I never pulled the trigger so far, always hoping for other color options.
    I was almost settled on black as this cute bag looks fablulous is black, but I have already too many black bags...

    When I looked around in the store, this beauty caught me at in instant :biggrin:
    I could not believe what I saw...

    This brandnew color was not added to the list on the homepage (neither the German one nor the US one).

    What a sursprise!!!!

    Who is interested to unpack the box?

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  2. Me me! Could it be the st Germaine bb?
  3. Hi there,

    Good guess, but not yet done ;))

    The BB matches...

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  4. Let me see!
  5. If it's blue must be either alma, twist or cluny?!
    Alma bb in blueberry?
  6. Let's see :smile:
  7. Hmm...

    Good guesses.... Cluny in blue is also wonderful...
    and I actually tried a blue Twist in the store for comparison... also very tempting..

    But the next pic will tell...
    Here you go:

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  8. Excited to see!!!
  9. Lockme II bb ?!
  10. I am here!!!
  11. Yes, it is the Lockme II BB!

    And here is a quick view at the strap: The blue is called "denim",

    you will see it better in the next pics...

    Teaser... ;))

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  12. Naughty!
  13. Oh well I was thrown off with the April 1st as denim launched in February. Any who reveal!
  14. Strip!
  15. And here you go:

    I really love this color :heart:

    Pic was taken indoor, hard to catch the color, at daylight outside, it looks more lavender colored (slight purple undertone).

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