Live from Vegas - Luxe Dark Silver Bowler

  1. Here is my long awaited bowler! I can't say enough about how beautiful and unique the dark silver color is. It is almost a greyish, taupe color from a distance. The metallic is muted so it is not blingy or too metallic at all.
    The hardware is pewter and the combination with the leather is perfect!
    Thanks for letting me share and I hope your new year is off to a great start!
    DSCN0278.JPG DSCN0279.JPG DSCN0280.JPG
  2. I just love the luxe bowlers. Congratulations.:yahoo:
  3. Ohh i love it! And that color :drool:
    Congratulations! :smile:
  4. Congrats... very pretty!!!
  5. Oh wow!!!:drool:GORGEOUS bag!! CONGRATS!
  6. What a beauty! I am becoming a luxe ligne convert!
  7. Beautiful! I wonder if the Luxe line is being continued. I'd love a flap or a tote!
  8. congrats!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: that is a beautiful bag!!!
  9. It is gorgeous!!! Loves it! Congrats
  10. I love it.
  11. great color. Beginning to love the style now myself.
  12. soo beautiful!! the color is amazing, i love it!
  13. Breathtaking!! :drool:
  14. Such a beautiful bag and color is TDF!!
  15. Your bag is sooooo lovely!!!
    I'm new to Chanel. Can you tell me what's the retail value for the bag? And, can i find a bigger size than this one? Thanks!!!!