Live from San Francisco..NM STOCK update

  1. Reissue clutch in black
    Ultimate soft flap bag in Royal Blue
    Les Marais Flap Bags (Gold)
    Cambon large tote (BLACK)
    Cotton Club bowlers in Bronze
    Mini Reporters in Black and brown
    Black caviar in Small (E/W), Medium and Jumbo
    Ashtrakan Bowler
    Grande & Petit Shopping Tote, (another tote that was the same size as the Petit shopping tote but with the zipper on top)
    Black Expandable Tote
    Modern Chain Totes
    Brown caviar classic flap with mademoiselle lock (medium and jumbo)
    Rock and chain bag (small and medium)
    The naked bag

    If my memory serves me correctly!!
  2. Thanks for the info....
  3. ahh i want the pst and the cotton club bowler !
  4. thanks for sharing the info ..saves me a trip (for now) =) hehe
  5. any good jewelry? necklaces? bangles?
  6. thank you !
  7. Sorry pesto pasta, I didn't browse around for the accessories. I was too impatient on waiting to be attended to. There was only one SA on the floor and 5 customers waiting around!!
  8. Would love to know the price for the above 2 bags, do you have an idea? Or is there a number I call the store directly? TIA ;)
  9. Thank you for posting.
  10. I think the blue ultimate soft classic flap in blue was about $2195 and the petit shopping tote was $1395.
  11. Thanks for the info.
  12. Thanks for the info..I was just about to call:smile:
  13. I was there a couple of days ago, I would like to there was a medallion tote in a beautiful purple color and timeless clutch in black.