Live Earth: Madonna's Louboutin Mary Janes

  1. I was watching Live Earth concert and saw Madonna wearing Louboutins, I think she was wearing the Super Wallis Platform Pumps:

    For those who have these mary janes, do they run small?

  2. These shoes are so hot! I'd like to know how they fit too.
  3. I read it some where on a website saying they run small. I know a few of the girls here have those shoes so maybe they can tell you.
  4. The "Super Wallis" fits exactly like the Bruges pumps.

    But Madonna's CL's aren't exactly the "Super Wallis" -- hers are a round-toe (but slightly-pointed) platform Mary Jane WITH GOLD STUDS. They're in the latest CL viewbooks (one of the hottest shoes for fall) but haven't arrived at the US boutiques yet.
  5. Thank you for the info foxycleopatra :smile:

    I guess the closest I can get is the Super Wallis Platform Pumps, I'll have to check with my Saks to see if they carry them.
  6. Wasn't her performance in those shoes awesome??!!
  7. I have those, they run true to size IMO.

    I'm a size 37 and got 37. NAP customercare did advice me on getting the shoes in my true size..
  8. Here's 2 pics. :yes:
    Madonna.jpg Madonna Live Earth.jpg
  9. Barney's online carries them.
  10. Hot shoes, Madonna looks amazing as always!
  11. they run small.. i always size one u for CL's..
  12. Foxy's right -- the studded platform mary janes are rumored to be one of the hot shoes for fall, and will come in several colors. I was iffy about them when I saw them in the viewbook, but loved how they looked on Madonna during her performance. I can't wait for these to come out.
  13. Madonna rocked those CLs!