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  1. I keep seeing auctions (as of this week) that list on the bottom: "use for 30% rebate!"

    But when I go through the motions I can't get to any promotions like I used to. Are these auctions just wrong? The / ebay promo's are over, right?
  2. i think so.
  3. I think it is just promoting the auction items meaning get on ebay for 30% less than retail. That's my guess
  4. Some are probably just auctions that keep getting re-listed and they haven't updated the listing since the promotion ended.
  5. Just curious - does anyone use to do searches w/o the cashback? Personally, unless there's a cashback incentive I don't use I wonder if MS' investment was worth it.
  6. Cashback Live was going on around Christmas time. It's now over! =[
  7. either that or the people who are only selling items and not buying them don't think to check whether the promotion is still going on. i pointed it out to one seller and she had no idea and revised her auction.