cashback reward..they can't deposit into my account

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  1. So today was the day that I was eligible for my $150 cashback reward from So I happily logged into this morning, and saw it was still in pending status. So I logged into the Summary page, and added my paypal ID that I used to purchase my RM bag from ebay. I logged back in a few minutes ago, and apparently they have tried 3 times to deposit my money and it's Failed...

    I get this message:
    We've encounterd a problem depositing your cashback reward into the PayPal account that you used for your eBay purchase. But we will keep trying.

    The paypal ID I gave them is correct. Has anyone else encountered when trying to get your cashback? I sent them an email asking what I need to do, but I don't expect to hear back today...

    I need this freaking money!!! :cursing:
  2. I think there is a way to have it deposited into your bank account can you call them and change the method?

    That is weird you got that response but I've had it take upto 2 weeks to finally get the money from into my paypal account.

    Good luck!
  3. I am having the same problem. I just emailed paypal about it.
  4. I'll try emailing Paypal too...hopefully that will help!
  5. What kind of problem could they be having? Yet another tech issue? Call/chat/email PayFoe and MSN.
  6. I've emailed them hopefully someone will get back to me. Soon!!! :cursing:
  7. Yes, this has come up in another thread. I'm having the same problem also.
  8. i'm also having the same problem. glad i'm not the only one. could be a bigger bug and not related to our individual accounts. i've had cashback deposit fine into my paypal previously so i don't know what the problem could be now. is asking me to ask paypal to review my account to see whether it can receive funds, then they'll try again.
  9. Maybe had their money invested with Mr. B Madoff as well????:nuts:
    Seriously I don't know because this thing went smoothly for me. But I got my last rebate weeks ago. Surely wish they would bring that back!
  10. I'm also experiencing the same thing. It has worked for me in the past, but that was in September.
  11. I just had $200 deposited yesterday without any problems and $96 last week so it must be hit or miss with them. Keep bugging them.
  12. Any luck? i just logged in and im getting the exact same message.. :cursing:


    We've encounterd a problem depositing your cashback reward into the PayPal account that you used for your eBay purchase. But we will keep trying.
  13. Same here too.
    I've sent Microsoft an email and got the we're-working-on-it response. I did live chat with eBay and they just want me to work with Microsoft, won't take it up at all. Has anyone had a response from Paypal?
  14. this really bits.. i was counting on the $$ to pay some bills. *sigh*

    i wrote im sure i will be getting the same answer as everyone else.

    i check to make sure my PP email was correct and it is, everything is a go.. dang it. :confused1:
  15. i just had $145 deposited from live into paypal and then to my bank account problem free. good luck!