Live And Learn !!!

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  1. Before I leave this world there is something I really would love to learn how to do, and that is to learn how to play the Piano.

    Is there something you would love to learn how to do one day ?
  2. How to set gemstones in rings. oooooh sparklely!!
  3. I want to relearn French. I grew up in Canada where it is mandatory to take French starting in grade 3. I quit taking it in 10th grade (when it becomes an optional course). I moved to the US where it is useless...but I want it back!
    I didn't have time to take it as an undergrad...and as a grad student they only offer lame courses like 'reading advanced french' ugh
    I really want ti because I am contemplating going back to Canada after I get my degree and being bilingual would mean a significant pay raise!
  4. Hmmm, I'd like to leave a 'legacy' to my children.
    I want to create a family that they're unbelievably proud of and proud to be a part of and I strive to be a parent to them that they love and want to be like to their children one day.

    I play piano and I'm proud of that!
  5. I have always wanted to play piano too!!

    I love music but am so not talented. I also want to be fluent in a foreign language. I've taken a lot of french but am really pathetic in it....
  6. I want to learn to play the guitar and the piano and take voice lessons. I have absolutely no natural musical talent but I love music! Hmm...can musical talent even be taught?
  7. Me too! I did went to piano class when I was in my teen then I didn't want to learn anymore but now I really miss it. :cry:
  8. Perhaps not exactly "learn," but before I die, I have promised my self I will go bungee jumping, parachuting, rock climbing, river rafting, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. those are just a few things I want to do. I'm not going to miss out on having adventure! :cool:
  9. Go to Russia, live in Japan for a while, and get better a the tenor sax so I can hit those high registers like John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins.
  10. I want to travel the world as much as possible :smile: I also really want to learn German, for some reason :shame:
  11. I play the piano but haven't in awhile...:shame:

    I'd like to learn to play the guitar, travel to Japan, and learn another language. But most of all, I want to learn how to ballroom dance! I just love to watch the competitions. I took ballet, tap, and jazz for years, but never ballroom. I think I finally have my DH talked into taking lessons with me!:biggrin:
  12. Go see penguins and live by them for a little bit. I know, weird.
  13. I would like to learn how to cut gemstones. I'm a jeweler but I would love to learn how to cut stones.

    I would also like to learn how to scuba dive.
  14. I want to speak fluent French.
  15. ballroom dance