Live Africa Webcam...

  1. This is pretty cool.

    Wavelit TV#
  2. This is really cool. My girlfriend just got back from spending a month in Africa and was telling me about this site yesterday.
  3. lol I have a view of the gound at the moment, I'll have to check back later, seems pretty cool though.
  4. *waiting for something to happen*:lol:
  5. :popcorn:

    *also wwaiting for something to happen..*

    lol this is pretty cool. feels like im there.

    all i hear is all sorts of birds chirping.
  6. This is pretty cool. Nothing is happening but I can hear bugs in the background.
  7. Hey ... hurry, it's nighttime now so there are frogs croaking. :lol:

    Sorry, when I first pulled it up, you could see giraffes, the second time zebras, then these birds, so I was thought it was cool that there was activity at every given moment....I guess not. :shame:
  8. I can't view it......something about my OS and that I don't have the requirements(I have a Mac.) I really wanted to watch, too.........
  9. That is pretty neat!
  10. i wanna see some ..real..action...:graucho:
  11. This one bird is being SO LOUD!!!! lol!!

    I wanna see some giraffes!
  12. That live webcam has been on that website for the last year. Best time to catch it is in the morning EST. I've caught crocodiles, hyenas, elephants, ostriches, monkeys, birds, gazelles, warthogs, and lots of those large quail looking birds.
  13. Thanks for posting this link!

    I have not seen this yet but I suspect the activity is greatest early in the day and around 5:00 or so (local time). I was in Kenya last year and in South Africa (actually at Sabi Sands) about 2 years ago and we did two drives a day -- one at about 6:00 a.m. (or thereabouts) and one at about 5:00 p.m. (or thereabouts). Apparently that is when there is most of the activity.
  14. Thanks so much for telling us about this site last week! We have it bookmarked and my husband LOVES it! He watches it off and on all day on two different computers in the house.

    Just half an hour ago, there were Zebra at the watering hole! I wish I could have seen them but he didn't want to wake me up.

    We love this site! It's so nice to see these animals LIVE and not taped like on television or filmed in movies!

    It's the three of us at home (me, hubby and 13 year old daughter). It's so funny but sometimes we just all sit around the computer waiting for something to come to the watering hole! LOL!
  15. Yay I just saw an antilope (..or something..?) drinkin there and eating leaves from the trees, this is cool..!! :nuts: