Liv tyler'sbag on ebay right now

  1. Thanks Angy.. I like it.:drool:
  2. You are so much than welcome, I hope one of you girls will get this beauty, she's so beautiful!:heart:
  3. Pardon me for asking this question.. Is it authentic??? I'm not a Spy expert.. wanna make sure first.. Thanks.
  4. YEp I'm sure it's authentic.
  5. Yup, I have the hobo spy in this color/texture combo and adore it. It's hard to imagine, but it looks way better in real life IMO. Good luck to whoever swoops her up. You won't regret it!
  6. Hi Echo: I'm considering this spy. I found the same purse on an authenticate this thread. The expert feels the authentication card is off. Could you kindly compare your card with this one? I want to be 1000% sure about it. Thanks a lot. :drool:
  7. Just an update for all- my card IS different, but I'm out of town so I can't quote it directly. I believe it says something like taupe/blue acacia borsa hobo and I don't recall it having the price on it. I will be back on friday night and let you girls know.
  8. So echo It's your bag, and you it's a real fendi.

    maybe can you send me more pictures and I can post them on the forum what do you think?
  9. double post sorry
  10. I'm not a big fan of Spy's lately, but I must say that this bag is amazing. I absolutely love it. The leather and the color look stunning.
  11. very tempting!
  12. Oh Gawd, I wish I didn't see that! I want that Spy! I've wanted it since seein' it on that spy list here at tPF. I don't have a purple thing in my wardrobe, but I like that color combo. Oh Angy, why??? WHYYY????
  13. I'm sorry Kat, I had only good intentions :crybaby:
  14. [​IMG]

    guys, are you sure it's auth? the glass part of the spy compartment is not protruding out. it's flat.

    the auth card looks off too. the description is totally off...