Liv Tyler's Handbag (6/10/07)

  1. Does anyone know the designer or name of the bag Liv Tyler is carrying in this picture?

    I apologize in advance if this has been asked before. The bag looks familiar - the zipper pull on the front pocket looks a lot like something I recently looked at and I seem to remember that handle (Does Eva Longoria have this bag too?)
  2. The studs on the zipper pull remind me of BE & D, but I am not sure of the style.
  3. Does the Ingrid come in diff styles? The bag in the BG pic looks similar, but it's not the same. Liv's has got studs on the sides below the claw clip and mult studs on the front zipper pull (BG's only has one stud & no studs on the sides). It also looks like hers has got double shoulder straps, while the BG looks like it only has one. It almost looks like Liv's is a longer hobo style of the BG one (which looks more like a satchel then a shoulder bag - even tho it's described as a shoulder bag).

    At least I know the brand, and can google it.
  4. It is the Ingrid - and it comes in two sizes, the regular and the citi. Liv is carrying the larger size....don't know the dimensions, sorry! Hope this helps....we know that the photos posted with NM and Bergdorf are lousy, yes?
  5. Opps.... I should search the thread before posting my question about Liv's bag today. :shame:

    I have been googling but couldn't find the citi style. :shrugs: :sad: