Liv Tyler's Bag

  1. I really like Liv Tyler's bag. Could someone tell me what it is?

  2. Good question - i've never seen that bag before?
  3. Here is another picture of her carrying that bag. Isn't this bag perfect for her?

  4. I asked this same question last week - It looks a lot like the Be&D Ingrid Shoulder bag on sale at BG - but there are some differences. I wonder if there are diff versions of the Ingrid, or if this may have been a special order?
  5. I almost ordered one online today, but thought I should check further. I feel also there are some differences but couldn't tell exactly what they are. I wonder if NM carries it in their store? If so, I would go take a look in person.
  6. the differences I noticed were: (1) the studs underneath the hook on the ends of the bag - the one at BG just has the hook w/nothing under it, and (2) the zipper pull on the front pocket - Liv's has 3 studs, the one at BG only has 1.

    The shape of the bag also looks diff. Even tho the bag at BG says it's a shoulder bag, it looks more like a satchel than a shoulder bag - Liv's bag looks longer (taller).
  7. Liv's bag is the Ingrid citi bag - larger than the bag that is on Bergdorf site (maybe NM as well??)....don't know the dimensions, sorry.
  8. it's definitely be & d-- i saw it on,,,1219985_6,00.html, and then looked it up in their spring lookbook-

    quite a contrast for be & d right? looks like their designs are pretty versatile.

    but yeah, i think the one on bergdorf is the same bag, but the smaller version. i think there's a picture of it somewhere in the lookbook as well. and it has two straps too.

    if anyone orders this bag on bergdorf or Neimans, i'm really curious what you think. want to know before i take the plunge!

  9. Sludgie -
    I'm getting this bag, should get it in a couple of days. Will post my thoughts, etc.
  10. dcblam -
    Are you getting the smaller version or Liv's citi (bigger) version?
  11. I'm getting the smaller version - like the ones show on NM and BG website, but in red. If it helps, I'll post pics of me carrying the bag......just let me know....and let me know what info you want about the bag as well. I've not seen this bag IRL anywhere....not NM, not Saks, not where!
  12. Would you please? Could you post the picture when it arrived and give us your comments? That would be great to hear from you who sees it IRL.

  13. Got quickly too!
    I already posted on the Be&D Sample Sale thread but am such a computer weenie - don't know how to link another thread to this one - so I'll just repeat.....

    I love the size, it's a "'tweener" - not small, not large. A great medium bag for my short size (4'11") and I haven't found too many bags that fit this description.
    The leather is soft, but also has structure. There's a lot of character to the leather - makes it more casual, but then the size and style (frame) makes it more dressy. I like that quality.
    Hardware - great quality. The hooks on the side are functional - you can detach to make the bag more square - but think it really isn't a true part of the design.
    Nice studs on the sides - the feet on the bottom of the bag are similar to these studs. Be&D engraved on the rivets above the hooks on the sides (very non-descript, thank goodness).
    Leather still smells - after all of these months as a press sample.
    Fits comfortably on my shoulder.
    Interior is black bengaline (sp) lining (fabric material). Cell phone pocket and a zippered compartment.
    Nice handles - braided, very soft.
    Hopefully, my pics will help.
    Let me know if you need further info.
  14. dcblam-
    That was QUICK!!! This bag definitely is not as small as I expected. It is so GORGEOUS! And it fits you perfectly! The leather looks yummy! :drool: Lucky you got such a great deal!

    Thank you so much for the detail info about its hardware, leather, sizing and everything. I am going to get one today. :smile::yahoo: