Liv Tyler

  1. Liv Tyler is obsessed with designer handbags. The beautiful actress admits she's so addicted to buying the latest sought after bags she now has dozens stacked up at home. She revealed: "I love bags. Mulberry, Fendi, Givenchy. I have about 50 pegged up in my wardrobe at home."

    The actress also confessed she isn't very good at being an alluring Hollywood starlet because she can't wear high heels. She confessed: "I'd like to be the sort of girl who could wear them, but they just kill me. I went out with friends in London yesterday and I made a real effort to look chic and sophisticated in a dress and heels. I was trying to work the Hollywood star look. But, after a few hours of walking around Selfridges, I was practically in tears because my feet hurt so much."

    She added to Britain's Grazia magazine: "I'm not very good at being glamorous."
  2. Wow.. I'd love to see her collection !
  3. so would I, can you imagine?!!!!
  4. Wow, we have something in common! Love handbags, hate high heels.

    That's probably about it, though.
  5. i quote.
    but i have something other in common with her: the love for joaquin phoenix :shame:
  6. I love Liv Tyler! She has the most beautiful creamy complexion. And her husband's pretty cute, too - I used to listen to his band SpaceHog back in junior high :smile:
  7. She is my favorit celeb....I love all her bags :smile:

  8. I have been looking at her bag for so long. I would say Chloé Paddington in chocolate brown, but it have never seen the bag with the lock and the sites of it looks weird. Also I think it´s so flat.

    Is that just me..? Or is it suppose to look like that. I´m willing to take it back if my eyes are messing with me. I don´t own one jet, so Paddy owners help out here, before I do insane before time, hehe... :smile:


  9. It's definitely a Chloe paddy, but I don't think it's a satchel style. I think it might be the east-west paddy style.
  10. Yes! :yes: It's an east west
  11. Really? I thought they only made the one model of the Padinngtonton. I actuallt like this east west model... :smile:
  12. yes, definitely a paddington!!!
    btw love her style:nuts:
  13. I saw this style at Galeries Lafaytte in Paris coupla weeks ago, they called it Paddington Simple. Or was it Single?
  14. its definately a east meets west bag. there is a lock, but its very very very tiny compared to the paddy lock.

  15. Quite certain and the color is lovely!:yes: