Liv Tyler bag...

  1. Does anyone know what bag this is?
  2. No - but now i'm craving starbucks!!
  3. Oh I KNOW I've seen that bag somewhere. Now I have to go look.
  4. It is Givenchy, from a past season.

    There's one on eBay now, #6869856586
  5. She's sex on a freaking stick. I crave Starbucks and cool motorcycle bags :biggrin:
  6. I love that Bag. What the price like?
    And why is it that Stars MUST carry coffee while wearing their bags? Am I missing something? Maybe I'll look like her if I get a Cappuchino or two.:idea:
  7. I checked out that Bag on Ebay. Very tempting and great price but the wear and tear bothers me, especially the tear on the front strap. If it was in a little better shape I would bid on it.
  8. Ooh! Someone was just asking about that bag.
  9. me!!! Unfortunately it's too buckly for me. Cap I PM'd you with a surprise :=)